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My team initially had difficulties connecting to one another as we had numerous technological problems.  However, when we were finally able to connect the experience was exciting and I enjoyed being able to meet everyone face to face. From the first meeting, I understand that in order to connect to the whole group there will be problems, but I am excited to collaborate inter-culturally and learn more about everyone.

This is my first experience with working with other people from different countries.  While I have collaborated with foreign exchange students before, this class offers a whole new environment for working with others. I am eager for this opportunity to learn from people with different perspectives and discuss critical topics.

Being from different countries I believe that we all have different opinions based on our cultural environments and the experiences we’ve had growing up. It will be interesting to discuss different global problems from two different viewpoints. However despite our differences, I can recognize that we are all apart of this program to diversify our intellectual experiences. I am eager to work with everybody on future projects and hope to find out more about everyone with each meeting.


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  1. After learning more about the concepts of globalization, I never realized how important globalization was in my life and how apparent it is in regular society. Technology is the main component of increasing globalization in everyday life. Today, people can connect to other individuals all across the world through social apps and the sharing of information. Data is spread throughout countries and has the ability to be translated, modified and shared across different borders and nations. When collaborating with our group we were able to see the advantages of the advancement of technology in the learning environment. At the same time though, we cannot rely on technology to completely solve our problems of collaboration and rather use technology to build relationships and learn more about each other’s culture and individual personality. As the class progressed, the concept of intercultural collaboration was frustrating at times, but in the end proved to be important in doing projects successfully and efficiently. The time differences and problems of technology slowed the process of collaboration, but more importantly it allowed for an intercultural perspective when addressing the projects. I found that while in the beginning of the class I might have preferred the interactions solely in the classroom, I now understand and appreciate the process of intercultural collaboration. Its important to have multiple perspectives when addressing social issues because it allows for problems to be looked at from all different angles and possible solution to be encompassing of more than one aspect of the project. The advancement of globalization and the incorporation of technology in across world interactions has allowed for a well established sense of intercultural interactions in many communities.

    In addition, I never realized how much access I have to globalization in comparison to my parents and grandparents. Technology platforms such as snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and twitter allow for people all over the world to easily connect without having to leave their homes. I believe that my ability to access these platforms has allowed for a higher development of global opinions and beliefs. Today I can learn about global events almost as soon as they happen and can read different articles with different perspectives and opinions. The vast resources I have available for globalization is an advantage my grandparents were never able to enjoy. Therefore, it is evident that global interactions are an important part of everyday life. So I wanted to edit my original stance on my past global experiences saying that will I may not have had many physical experiences of globalization, I enjoy the modern benefits of globalization in my everyday lifestyle.

    Throughout the collaboration process I’ve realized that many of the differences between all our group members is less about the cultural aspects of ourselves and more about our individual personalities. With each project and facetime, I have noticed the specific traits each member of my group has and how their personalities reflect in their work and contributions to the group. In addition there is a slight age difference in the group members from Arlington and the members in the Netherlands. Both of my group members and myself are freshman and sophomores and still have a few more years in college. However, Jody and Jonas are both graduating this year and are focused on establishing a future with their studied career. I believe that our age affects how each member interprets each project and assignments given to better understand globalization. I believe that our group members from Arlington can be too focused on getting a decent grade for a project, while the Netherlands members also believe in a practical use of the knowledge we attain. I believe the difference in our work perspectives stems from our age and maturity as college students. Being put in a group together our work ethics compliment each other well as we want to have both quality work and information that extends past the classroom. Having worked with Jody and Jonas I know understand the importance of not only providing well-done work, but using the information I learned to expand my knowledge outside the classroom.This class has changed my perspectives of globalization, my opinions towards different cultures, and the increased dependence of relationships with other individuals.

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