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Hi everyone!

So this is my second post, and in this one I will talk about my first impression on our first intercontinental meeting. Working in international groups was not new for me, since the course I am currently taking part at the Hanze is also an international course, and working in groups was a regular part of the program too. Despite of these helpful experiences, working only online with people, who I would not be able to come together for a face to face meeting, was new to me. However, in the field of game related works, it is not an uncommon sight to work from abroad or from home using only online methods. It also helped, that since April I am working on a project with somebody from abroad.

In my opinion, our first meeting went well, we quickly established multiple communication channel such as WhatsApp and Skype, while we also set up some platform for working together, like google docs. Due to the quick establishment of communication, we had more time to work on the assignment and to talk with each other about less project related things as well. What I thought was common in all of us, was that we are open to the others, we would like to and we are  willing to learn about different cultures and to get to know new people.

I am looking forward for the upcoming weeks, to see how all this will turn out in the end, but for know I am positive about the group and I am ready to take on the upcoming challenges together with them.


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  1. I’m feeling really positive about the weeks to come as well! I’m glad I get to meet cool new people in a unique way. It was really nice to meet you 🙂

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