Carol’s First Impression

What was my first impression?

Et was verbazend! (hopefully this is correct in Dutch) 

It was amazing!

Team Anime dealt with the technological difficulties with MUCH patience; and when we finally connected face to face on FaceTime, it was all smiles and pure joy all around. Our intercultural collaboration was complicated at first, but when we discovered FaceTime was the best form of communication, everything went swiftly afterwards. Solving and addressing the issues with a positive mindset is important because working on wifi won’t always go well. Therefore, not stressing over things we can’t always control, leads you to a more global understanding of how to find solutions to communicate.

I had no previous experience working with someone from another country. However, I have a best friend who lives in Seville, Spain and an Uncle who lives in Vienna, Austria, so I understand the importance of creating and maintaining a relationship via phone.

I haven’t really seen differences yet. Besides the distinction in culture, I feel we have shared more similarities in personalities,  excitement for the course, and the willingness to learn and grow.

It is assumed that meeting someone for the first time can be awkward; however, I believe after trying for over 30 mins just to call each other, we had all moved past that “awkward” stage. In fact, we quickly discovered common interests within 10 minutes of being on FaceTime. (hint, our team name) I am very grateful Team Anime connected instantly, and how each individual was very accommodating and kind to our communication issues. I strongly believe we have created a bond, and it was only the first day meeting! That, to me, was an amazing experience.

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