2. Michelle’s First Impression

Hello my fellow Global Villagers!


Our first chat!

My first impression of this intercultural collaboration was truly delightful. Meeting the girl was thrilling but I had to embrace uncertainty beforehand as I had no clue as to what I should except other than initial awkwardness. However, as soon as we managed to get in touch, all that quickly faded which made room for a whole lot of excitement and curiosity on my part. If I had to pick one thing I learned from the experience it would be that patience is essential. Setting up and finding a medium that works best for all is challenging but I think it’s the commitment and enthusiasm of all the students that allows for it to work.

I don’t have prior experience working with another person from a distance yet, which is what makes this experience that much greater. I think the skills and lessons I will acquire from this experience will definitely come in handy in the future as we are all more connected with each day that passes so I’m expecting this not to be the last time I’ll be working with someone from a distance with a crazy time difference.

So far, I see many more similarities than differences. At the end of the day, we are all young women working hard towards similar academic goals while still enjoying similar interests despite being in completely different places in this world: Which is fantastic! Based on what we have shared so far I can already see we have different personalities which I look forward to seeing how it will affect our collaboration but I expect only great things and more diverse opinions and points of view which will be refreshing and interesting.

So far I couldn’t be happier to be in team Anime! <3

See you in the next blog! ^-^


2 Comments on “2. Michelle’s First Impression

  1. I couldn’t agree more Michelle! We all have a mutual understanding of our tasks at hand, and it helps how we all have very bright personalities. I see great success in our future, and I believe we will truly understand the impact of globalization by the end of this course. As well as gaining friendships too:)

  2. Yes!! We are women striving to do their best academically! I am so excited to be put on a team with just girls– I think it was easier for us to “click” because of that. Hopefully we make your first adventure into working with international students informative and entertaining. I have a feeling that as time goes on, the little awkwardness that exists will vanish, as we have so much to learn from each other during this course. Excited to be working with you!

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