✰ #2 – First Impressions ✰

Initially, I had already acknowledged the possible challenges that may steam from intercultural collaboration. My team and I had difficulty connecting (Google Hangouts was being faulty); at first, I thought, “This is more difficult than I had anticipated.” Connecting over the internet is a frustrating thing to overcome; however, my team and I were able to problem solve and it worked out well in the end.

The closest I’ve gotten to working with someone from another country is through foreign exchange students that would come abroad from their home country to study at my school. This experience was back in High School so my familiarity with consideration towards people’s academia experience from different countries was something I didn’t struggle with.

The time difference and learning techniques were two differences I immediately acknowledged. As Honors students (both in the Netherlands or in the US), we all recognize each other’s busy schedules and learned to adapt and create a plan that identified and accommodated our varying schedules. Similarly, however, we all were in the class to learn and had the determination to do so. While we may reside in two different countries, our drive for getting work done remained the same amongst one another.

I really enjoyed being able to connect with students in the Netherlands. It’s an experience I never thought I’d be able to participate in so I’m eager to see what we have in store for this semester :-).

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