Blog 2: First impressions

My first impressions were pretty great. I was surprised at how easily the communication went in our group. We were quick with the connection and used Google hangout and it worked perfectly! We even had a little bit of fun and get to know each other a little better, like almost the entire group likes the color purple!

I found it a bit strange, because we hit it off and it was like talking to a group of people in the Netherlands. I didn’t had really the idea that we were talking to people across the ocean. I didn’t noticed difference in cultures so far. From experience I know that it might still can come. I worked before in intercultural groups, even with Americans! The difference was that for that project the Americans flew in to the Netherlands. When you are face to face and in the same country it is easier to stay in touch and to understand each other. You also noticed difference in culture faster because you see and talk to each other more.

I also did projects with people from other countries in Europe. For this projects I mostly went to their countries and that is a hole other experience. You get to learn and understand their cultures in a different way. Because of these projects I appreciate other cultures and I am eager to learn from them.

One of the biggest problem is going to be the time difference. We tried to look at possibilities for meetings but that is really hard. But every one in the course is driven and motivated to work together and therefore I have no worries!

I hope to learn new things from this project and the intercultural collaboration and I am really looking forward to the next meeting!

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