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Hello everyone,

after arriving a little later I was very impressed of the atmosphere that was already present. It seemed to me that everyone already was having in a good conversation. The FaceTime session with the whole group was a lot of fun. Due to my international study program I am very used to cross cultural group work. Within my study program, there are a lot of different cultures and usually every eight weeks we find ourselves in a new project group with people from all over the world. Therefore, I as not too worried at the beginning but just before getting to know the others i did get excited. This time was just different group work to what I am normally used to. Only knowing people via Skype and living in different time zones was definitely unusual. BUT, I was very happy to get the opportunity to get to know new people but also to undergo a new working method I am not too aware so fat.  It was very interesting to get to know everyone and to create at least some boundaries for the future group work. It was very cool to get to know the others a little bit more even though, it is very different if you meet in real. After chatting a little bit, I knew that the group work will work out smoothly. Hearing how the girls on the other side of the ocean live, what curses they take but also getting to know a little bit about their day to day life was very interesting. On the other hand it was also nice to explain how life here in Groningen looks like and see how different the similar occupation “student” can look like. It seemed that we where all simpatico. I am very keen that we will learn a lot from each other and maybe have controversial’s but that the group work at the end will be of good quality.  Personally, I had a lot of fun getting to know the girls. The kick off with the people was a big success I am looking forward to collaborate with the group and the upcoming content of the course.


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  1. Hi Jonas! I agree with what you said about the atmosphere! Even though you came late, even when I arrived on time I was impressed with how open and honest everyone was! It was great to experience and I’m looking forward to working with everyone throughout the year.

  2. Hi Jonas! I also enjoyed the group’s atmosphere and everybody’s positive attitudes helped ease any worries I had about collaborating. I look forward to getting to know everyone even more and getting involved in interesting projects. Really excited for this course!

  3. Hey Jonas!!

    It was awesome meeting you and Jody! Interestingly enough, it seemed as though our social lives amongst one another was pretty similar even though we all came from different cultures. I’m excited to see what we come up with as a team!

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