Katie’s Introduction (Blog 1)

Hi Everyone!

My name is Katie McShea and I am currently a first year student at Marymount University. Presently, I am a biochemistry major and I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine.I am from Hainesport, New Jersey, a small town about thirty minutes outside of Philadelphia. I have two siblings, one older brother and a younger sister, and three pets, one dog and two cats.

I am excited for my first year of college and the opportunities I’ll have over the next few years. I am a player on the Women’s basketball team and love being apart of a close-knit community.  Having played basketball for most of my life, I appreciate the competitive nature of team sports, but most importantly cherish the camaraderie experienced between teammates.  Outside of basketball, I am an avid reader and if left unbothered could spend the whole day with my nose stuck in a book.

While I am excited to be participating in this unique classroom experience, I am also anxious as this is my first time engaging in the concepts of this class. I have studied the economical aspects of globalization, and the benefits it has for participating nations, but have never investigated the cultural side to globalization. Furthermore, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel out of the U.S. and experience a different culture and lifestyle.  I look forward to working with everybody and having the chance to to expand my horizons. It is important for global interactions to happen and I am grateful to be able to participate in a class as this one. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and have an opportunity to learn more about others and myself!

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