Hello world! (my intro)

Hello! My name is Maia Pappadakis and here’s the basics:

I’m from Woodland Park, Colorado a place nobody has ever heard of. What people have heard of is Pikes Peak though, and that’s the landmark I typically use when I tell people where I’m from. I’ve played soccer for my whole life, and athletics is important to me. I love learning, and I love to examine and learn from different cultures whether that’s within my country of farther.

And here’s a little beyond the basics:

The town I grew up in was small and homogeneous, and that influenced my desire to move very far away to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds. That’s exactly what led me to moving 25 hours away from home, in a state I’ve visited twice, in a city as big as Washington D.C.

Also, growing up in such a small town limited my ability to be myself, as people knew me through my dad or my mom, who both taught at my high school, or they just knew me as my accomplishments. I was “the soccer girl” or “Mr. P’s daughter” or “the smart kid” so coming to a new place where I knew nobody was refreshing and almost relaxing.

Now, everybody I meet is new to me, and I’m new to them. I enjoy learning everything I can from every person that I meet. I’ve loved almost every second living in Arlington (excepting the intense heat and humidity) and I’m excited to be spending the next semester in this class and the four years of my life at Marymount.

Until next post,

— Maia Pappadakis

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