Blog 1: Introduction


My name is Wanda Ampting, I am 21 years old and I am studying Civil Engineering at the Hanze University for Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. My hobbies are running, reading, making puzzles and spending time with my friends. I have done interdisciplinary and international projects before, also one with Americans! And every time I am learning new things and I really enjoy doing it.

I am always interested in other cultures and love to travel! When I am traveling, I am not only looking at the beautiful architecture, but also at the people. Everyone acts different, depending on their cultures but also on how they where raised. I met some lovely people over the years, all from different countries and cultures. One of the most interesting trip was to Turkey, when I stayed in a host family. They took me in as their own and taught me their culture and way of living.

I am very excited for this project and I am looking forward to the cooperating between the different schools!


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