1. Michelle’s Introduction

Hello my fellow Global Villagers,

I’m Michelle Yvonne Ferrari, an ambitious 20-year-old student, a daughter of two nations and dreamer. I study Game Desing & Development though since I’m in my third year, I choose a minor in International Strategy and Business Development. My dad’s Italian and my mum’s Kenyan though there is some Venezuelan in the mix too. While in theory that makes me exotic, it also makes me very confusing whenever I have to explain it. I’ve travelled a lot since a very young age and lived in many different cities in the world! As a result, I speak a lot of languages such as Italian, Swahili and Kikuyu (my tribal language/mother tongue) but mastering Dutch has proven to be increadibly hard. Nevertheless, I live in the beautiful city of Groningen, filled with gorgeous canals, small little shops and boutiques and a young spirit in the air. Though my heart is equally shared between Kenya and Italy, the countries I was born and raised in, I feel as if a fragment of it belongs to The Netherlands now.

Grote Markt Square in Groningen


At work with the compulsory kitchen uniform.

Additional to my studies I also have a part-time job in the best Mexican restaurant in the city! It is my first job and I have been folding burritos there since November 2016. That’s also where I met my boyfriend, Rutger (very hard to pronouns name), with whom I’m raising the sweetest little kitten.


Donder, my 4-months-old kitten.

My dream is to start my very own gaming hardware company where I can provide high-quality gaming product with a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. I wish for this to encourage more women to join the gaming community and in addition, if set up back at home, it would mark Kenya on the map as a gaming/technology destination. I hope that my chosen education and Honours can allow me to gain the necessary skills to help my dream become reality.

See you in the next blog! ^-^




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