Carol’s Introduction

Hi friends!

I am Carolyn Treuting, but I prefer to go by Carol! I am a freshman at Marymount and a Fashion Merchandising Major with a minor in Business. I play women’s soccer for the Saints (wohoo) and I’m involved with the Honors Program and Fashion club on campus.

My home is in Warrenton, Virginia; however, any place I’ve traveled to, whether it’s my friend’s house or I’m visiting family in the U.S. or abroad, I make every room I enter into, home. I believe being raised as a Catholic, and coming from a military family, I’ve always been open and excited to new experiences and people. I am willing to get out of my comfort zone, in order to have a better perspective standing in another person’s shoes.

I’ve traveled to Vienna, Austria several times in my life to visit my uncle and beautiful baby cousin. I’ve also ventured to Prague, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. However, I want to continue to travel the world and even study abroad while in college. Traveling to every single country in Europe is on my bucket list, so hopefully the Netherlands is a possibility too!

I am beyond excited to take this course because I truly believe I’m going to get something big out of this class. Whether it’s a better understanding of globalization, new friendships, or a door opened up of new possibilities for me, I can’t wait to go on this journey with all of you!



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