Introduction: Gaspar Viragos

Hi everyone!

I’m Gáspár Virágos and as you might see it from the name, I’m neither Dutch, nor American. I’m from Hungary, which is a small country in Europe, south-east from German. I’m in my third year at the Hanze University of Applied Science and my major is game design. This study would not have been available in my home country and this is one of the main reasons I came to the Netherlands. I became really fond of this country, and in my experience, Groningen is one of the best, if not the best city in the Netherlands to live in.

I almost ended up studying biology, to become a medical researcher, since I always wished to help others, but I wanted to do something I like and what would has potential to make other people smile. My hobby was board gaming and in general I liked and still like playing various games. However, I like it even more, when I see other people have fun while playing together and in the end this brought me to my current study.

Starting with the 10th of September I will start to work as an intern for a Dutch IT company, which, I hope, will not only provide me some real work experience, but will also help me to learn Dutch.

The combined experience from living abroad for more than two years, being part of a very international class and my previous travels all over Europe helped me to understand the importance of globalization, and made me want to learn more about the world outside Europe. I look forward for this semester, and I hope we will all have a great time and learn a lot.


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