#1 Introduction

Hey Everyone! I am Natasha Beckmann and at the moment I’m in my third year of nursing. I work as a healthcare assistant in a nursing home which I really enjoy! Besides school and work, I like to go walking with my dog (a really sweet golden retriever) in the nature.


 This is Macy our dog!

One of the most interesting aspects of nursing is, I believe, the differences and similarities between humans all over the world. This statement got confirmed when I was doing a five weeks internship in Nepal. I met so many different people and yet we had a lot of similarities. For instance (and here I start to look at the nursing aspect), the principles of nursing are the same all over the world. The biggest difference probably was the cultural difference. This really intrigued me, because why do some people act and think completely different depending on the culture you life in? I hope to learn more about our different cultures and, of course, the things we have in common.

I look forward to working in the multicultural and interdisciplinary teams!

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