My name is Grace Allen and I am a freshmen/first-year at Marymount University.

A little bit about me. I from Arlington Virginia, about a 15 min walk from Marymount’s main campus. I am a commuter as you can probably imagine I do walk to and from school. I have five siblings, three sisters and one brother they are the greatest people I have ever met and my best friends.

Growing up I was exposed to different cultures owing to my mom being from Lisbon, Portugal and my dad being Filipino. I think one way I notice the many differences between people was the food they ate, moreover the food I ate. I remember being fascinated by my peers lunches things like lunchables, uncrustable, string cheese and sodas. My lunches looked some like traditional Portuguese soap, homemade bread, and sardines….weird right. Well that was the reaction I got from my peers, but nothing was better than when I pulled out my cloth napkin and real silverware. I always wanted those pre packaged lunches that everybody else had. But as I got older I learned to appreciate where I come from and the food I ate…also lunchables honestly aren’t that good.

Learning about my background and accepting it’s differences has lend me to be interesting about other people’s backgrounds. I love meeting someone new and hearing about where they come from and more importantly what they have for lunch. I know the world is immense and everyone is different like holographic glitter no matter where you hold it the light is always changing.

I so excited to get to know everyone, and expand my knowledge of the world around me.


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