✰ Introduction ✰: Nikki Lopez

Hi all!

I’m so excited to meet all of you and to get a grasp on what academia is like in the Netherlands! This is my first virtual class and I am already loving it. ☻

To begin, I’m a Sophomore/2nd Year communications major and a business marketing minor who has tried (countless times) to convince herself to change her major to be either Biology or Nursing. I love science and am so fascinated by all of its amorphous concepts; however, I find myself feeling more grounded in the world of Communications. Writing, talking, an expressing myself constantly is definitely my favorite things to do (besides eat, read, and listen to podcasts). I enjoy doing anything creative – photography, video/photo editing, writing, painting, designing, and sewing. Currently, I have 3 jobs as a supervisor for a Kate Spade store, a Social Media Coordinator for a Hair Salon, and as a Manager for my mother’s Sewing Studio where we teach kids & adults to sew!

⇨ a picture of a friend of mine i had taken at my mom’s sewing studio (sew magarbo) in virginia


⇨ one of the cutest pictures i’ve ever taken!

I know, I’m busy; but, I have to be or else I’d just lay in bed and take naps all day (which I certainly can do!!). I have 3 other siblings: My 18 y/o sister who’s 11 months younger than me, my 17 y/o brother who’s 11 months younger than her, and then my 9 y/o sister! Our family is from the Philippines but I was the only child out of the 4 to be born in the Philippines (Manila, specifically). My family is quite boisterous so I do believe it has given me my outgoing, energetic, and outspoken character.

⇨ the only coordinating picture of my siblings and i – taken 3 years ago

⇨ presently, my sister & i both attend ✰ MARYMOUNT✰ (go Saints!)

When I get older, I’d love to work in crisis management/PR for the National Basketball Association (NBA) or National Football League (NFL). I think it’d be fun to become a professional athlete’s Publicist since they seem to have pretty eventful social lives. It’ll also keep me on my toes and challenge me – something I love. Hopefully, after I receive my Bachelors in Communications, I’d still be motivated to get a second degree in Nursing; but, we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

I can’t wait to read all of your guys’ introductions and to begin this class! Globalization plays such a huge role in our everyday lives and to be able to work with others across the world on such a big concept makes me extremely eager to learn more!

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