Hi everyone! My name is Victoria Stadtmueller, and it is currently my last year at university, I will be graduating in the spring. My major is in Information Technology, with minors in Business and International Studies. I am looking forward to learning in this class because I believe it is so relevant to me; a lot of people don’t realize how related international studies and technology are, and how they depend on each other in many ways.

Coming from Charleston, South Carolina, my normal living environment didn’t include that of people with diversity, other than African American and European. Because of this, alot of my peers were not accustomed to other types of people, and while I love them, I believe that sometimes my peers in Charleston would sometimes take certain events that don’t pertain to them as a joke. Luckily, my family and I have lived and moved around between many different countries, so I was always trying to remove myself from behaving in a very stagnant way such as some of my peers in Charleston.

Don’t get me wrong, Charleston is one of the most friendly and beautiful cities in the world, and is full of great, hard working people. But sometimes, not purposely, people there tend to stay in their own world. Because Charleston can be so great, a-lot of the times people don’t realize that the rest of human kind could be having problems elsewhere. I moved to university in DC to push myself to see and experience other cultures; that is the exact reason why I am taking this class.

I believe there is more to a person than their background (i.e where they are from, their race, their religion etc..), but that there is a kind of communicative and positive trait that each person can contribute on a global scale. I believe that classes like this are insanely important for the future of humanity, and with the fusion of this communication and the use of the latest technology, this class truly provides hope for the next generation to use our brain and intelligence to solve large crises.

Apart from all of that deep stuff, I am a big fan of yoga and hiking, so when im not programming behind a desk, or doing my honors research on IT globalization,  I am out with my dog exploring! I am so excited to meet and learn about all of you, see you all next week!

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