Open Courses at Marymount


The following courses no longer depend on a commercial textbook. Instead, they rely on open educational resources (OER) which eliminates all textbook costs for their students. Want to replace your commercial textbook with an open and affordable option or already using an open and affordable option? Contact Brianna Chatmon ( to schedule an Open and Affordable Consultation or to have your course added to our list.

CourseFaculty Member
AA 320Jennifer Yang
AA 330Jennifer Yang
AA 483Jennifer Yang
BIO 272Karen Lant
CHEM 151Deanna Jaber
CHEM 152Deanna Jaber
CHEM 222Deanna Jaber
CJ 495Sarah Fischer
COMM 101 Megan McFarlane
COMM 220Megan McFarlane
DATA 310Andrew Hall
DATA 325Andrew Hall
DSC 101Sarah Fischer
ED 480Ana Lado
ED 540Ana Lado
ED 541Clara Hauth
ED 553Ana Lado
EN 090Michelle Zaleski
EN 101All sections
EN 228Holly Karapetkova
EN 270Holly Karapetkova
EN 301Holly Karapetkova
EN 322Sarah Ficke
EN 559Holly Karapetkova
FA 202Mark Trowbridge
FA 380Mark Trowbridge
FA 410Mark Trowbridge
FA 510Mark Trowbridge
ID 101Jessica Bonness
IPE 715Diana Venskus/SkyeDonovan
IPE 716Diana Venskus
IT 588 Diane Murphy
MGT 345Micheline Al-Harrack
PHYS 161Eric Bubar
PHYS 162Eric Bubar
PSY 101Camille Buckner
Michael Petrovich
PSY 101 HONMichael Petrovich
PSY 110Linda Cote-Reilly
PSY 201Linda Cote-Reilly
PSY 250Catherine Diaz-Asper
PSY 260Catherine Diaz-Asper/Jo-Ann Amadeo
PSY 302Jo-Ann Amadeo
Camille Buckner
Catherine Diaz-Asper
PT 732Megan Moran
SEM 101All sections
SEM 102All sections
SOC 131All sections
SOC 222Delario Lindsey
SOC 325Matt Bakker

VIVA Grant Award Winners:
Amel Ben Abdesslem (2021; $2,000)
Deana Jaber (2021; $2,000)
Brian Pendleton (2021; $2,000)
Catherine Diaz-Asper (2018; $4,500)


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