The Story of Exodus in the Prince of Egypt (Shane Limbaugh, April 27- May 3)

The movie the Prince of Egypt is about the story of Exodus or better known as the story of Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. In the movie Moses struggles with being a Prince when he begins to see how poorly “his people” are being treated.

Moses has always caused trouble for the Pharaoh but this I believe is simply for comedic relief in a movie that can sometimes become extremely serious. After growing up and becoming the grand architect for the Pharaoh he receives a “gift,” a woman they found roaming the desert.  Moses being the kind man he is helps the woman escape and this all starts the downhill effect which leads Moses to question his faith in the Gods. Once Moses discovers the Pharaoh had ordered children to be killed and that he was one of the few that managed to escape he begins to put two and two together. He runs away into the desert in a huff of rage. Of course who does he meet in the desert? The woman he let go. Who is she the daughter of? A Protestant Chieftain. Then as we all know Moses unleashes the plaques upon the Egyptians.

We have all seen this God many times but why do almost of all of his doings from the Old Testament seem to be things that cause great suffering to many people. He flooded the world for 40 days and 40 nights and caused massive suffering to Egypt. Why does God do these things in the past but no longer? It would seem that God stepped in back then and stopped these crimes but he hasn’t done such since. God has not stepped in to stop any war or to stop the holocaust which was the exact same as Egypt. It all seems very strange to me that God would not help his people in their time crisis in later years when he has done it from the beginning.

Why do you think people change religions at all? Do you think God lets bad things happen for a reason? If so what do you think his reasonings are?

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  1. I believe people change religion because they find another religion’s doctrines and practices more appealing. It comes down to how the universal abstract ideals (e.g. peace, justice, mercy, goodness)

  2. I think people change their religion, when they think the other religion is more reliable and right than their own religion. I do think God lets things happen for a reason, and his reasons are he knows we can take the things, and he tests us on our belief to the God.

  3. People change religions because they feel more satisfied, I suppose. Someone really close to me converted to Christianity and I can tell they feel a lot more content and involved in their church.
    God let’s bad things happen…as a test to see if we still have faith in him.

    1. I agree with the what you mentioned about God testing us to see if we still have faith in him. this is similar to what God done to Abraham. he asked him to sacrifice his one and only son that he loves and Abraham was up for it which shows that he respects God and have faith on him.

  4. People change religions because of other influences on the religion and that to them it a better fit for their belief, and the education they get to see that maybe that religion would be better for them to express their prayer to God. I think God let all the bad things happen as a test for us to become stronger and would the problem make us lose our faith in him.

  5. I think people change religion when they find one that matches their morals and their belief. I think god lets bad things happen to send us a message, to let us know we’re doing something we need to change.

    1. I agree with you about finding the right match as reason to why people change religion and that God lets the bad things happen to let us realise our doing is not alway right and we should change for the better.

  6. I believe people change religions either because of revelations or they find another religion more satisfying to their beliefs. I also believe that God lets bad thing happen because it is a test to our faith in him and to help us learn from mistakes.

  7. I believe people change religion because they feel more related or connected with the other religion. another reason could be when people think the other religion is more realistic than the one they have been following. God doesn’t let bad things happen to us but the devil tests always tests us got do bad actions and we should always fight back.

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