Theology in “Jane in the Virgin” (Lauryn Martinez, April 20th-April 26th)

If you’ve never watched Jane the Virgin it is about a a hard-working, religious young woman, Jane, who vows to remain pure until marriage. Her vow is complicated when a doctor mistakenly artificially inseminates her during a checkup. From the beginning this show has illustrated very modern and multicultural views on religion. However there is one specific episode I believe adds on to a blog post that was created a few weeks ago. Chapter 51 (season 3 episode 7) deals with a numerous amount of storylines but I want to point out the religious take of it.

It all begins when Jane’s grandma Alba, who is super religious points out that Jane has not been to Mass for a while and explains to Jane that her son Mateo might not “have god in his life”. Alba also states that because of Jane’s actions, she is being a bad catholic and a bad mother which ingrains guilt into Jane. Despite the hesitation of her son’s father, she takes Mateo anyways but soon realizes he is way too young to sit in Mass. When her grandma asks her why she is avoiding church she makes up about a million and one excuses. However as the episode progresses Jane finally acknowledges that the origin of her guilt stems from nearly losing her husband Michael (I know it’s confusing but it makes sense if you watch the entire series)

She’s furious with God and terrified by the possibility of His absence. For me personally I have never felt as though she was angry with Him, I believe she is scared and confused, resulting in doubt. At the end of the episode Jane goes to church to makes a confession. She asks the nun a question that I believe is universal regardless of anyone’s religion. How could He let this happen. Whenever something terrible happens we all hear people say God makes everything happen for a reason/ God has a plan. It is things like this that can make a person wonder  how an almighty power could allow the terrible things which happen in the world.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What defines a “good catholic/christian”?

  2. Should religion be enforced on an infant?

  3. Why does God allow terrible things to happen?

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9 thoughts on “Theology in “Jane in the Virgin” (Lauryn Martinez, April 20th-April 26th)”

  1. Religious people are called to follow whatever certain laws/commandments/rules/etc. in order to live a “Godly” life. The reason people choose to follow a certain religion is because they are seeking a better way to live their life, and you can do this by following what the Bible says (for Catholics and Christians, other religions follow other books). If these religious people follow these laws, etc. they are considered “good”.

    I don’t believe “enforced” would be the right word, but I do believe that if children only remember going to church and hearing the Word of God, it is more beneficial than if they start later. As an infant, though, they can not retain anything yet, but if you start the habit early, then it will continue when the child is old enough to understand and retain what they are hearing.

    I’m not sure why it has always been that people just pass off the idea that God should only ever allow ONLY good things to happen. How are we to learn and grow if everything is always good and goes our way? This right here, is why I appreciate why God allows us to learn from things that are not always “good.” He wants us to grow and lean on Him when “not-so-good” things are happening in our lives or lives around us.

  2. As I’m from a really different religion I can only say that being a nice person defines good catholic and christian. If you want your children be religious you can teach your kids from the very basic things like be nice to people and not lying, etc. I think God let terrible things happen, because God wants to test us or give us warnings, maybe he really has plan otherwise God wouldn’t give you the things you can’t take.

  3. To me a good catholic is someone who believes in God and is good at heart. If they are good people and do good things then why should anything else matter? Including pre-marital sex. I believe the bible was written at a time when people would die at the age of 30, maybe even younger. This means that life events would happen earlier, such as marriage and babies.

  4. I don’t think there is definition of good catholic/ Christian, we are all flawed and we all do something different to define good Christian. It varies for everyone what he or she considers to be “good”. I don’t believe religion should be enforced upon an infant. They should be shown the way of what religion is and teach them the good and bad but I don’t believe it should be forced upon them. I don’t personally think God allows terrible things to happen, but things are meant to happen for a reason and God is just ending one season for a better one.

  5. In my opinion, a good christaian is a person who follows what God wants us to follow in the Bible and who does good toward people. going to church doesn’t make you good Christian and not going doesn’t make you bad Christaian. it is all about you believing in God. I think thats all that matters.

  6. What defines a “good catholic/christian” is whatever that person thinks is best under their religion and circumstance. Religion be enforced on an infant on an infant if those are your beliefs. That way the child grows up in that environment. God allow terrible things to happen because WE allow them. He gave us free will to do what we want. Bad things come from our separation from God.

  7. In my own opinion, I believe that just believing in God and being thankful for all he does makes you a good Christian. An infant is a person and the parent is entitled to raise them to be a certain religion, however, the child should be allowed to see all of their options and then choose whatever religion they like best. I believe that God makes terrible things to teach everyone a lesson. He is the almighty father and we are his children but children must be taught a lesson sometimes in a way that is less than appealing.

  8. 1. I believe a “good” Catholic/Christian is someone that believes in God and being thankful and the best you can under his name.
    2. I do not believe religion should be forced on an infant and that the parents should teach them about the religion and guide them, but not force them to believe in something that they do not want to.
    3. I believe that God allows terrible things to happen because it can be used as a teaching lesson and allows for us to grow and learn even if it is something that is terrible that is the means to teach us.

  9. It all depend on each person what they believe a “good” Catholic/Christian is but also remember that we human are all not perfect like someone said early in the comments we all have flaws we are not created to being perfection. I do believe we should not force religion on infant they are too young to understand anything yet maybe when they grow up a bit young but at the same time teach them about respect, good will, and to believe in God. God allows all terrible things to happen because I do believe he is testing us to be stronger and that he already know the outcome for the things that why he want us to go through and learn from it.

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