“Death Penalty: Is Capital Punishment Morally Justified?” (Diana Espinoza, April 20-26th))

“Death penalty: is capital punishment morally justified?” (Diana Espinoza)
There has been and still is a huge debate on the death penalty being morally justified. This article explains that there are many different religious views on the death penalty, some people think that it is plain wrong, and others think it is justified. In the Old Testament we see the idea of “an eye for an eye”. But we also see that God teaches us throughout the Bible to forgive one another. For these people that have committed terrible crimes, should they be given life in jail instead? Should people who have committed crimes such as murder or rape be sentenced to the death penalty? Death penalty sends the message to other criminals that they should not commit crimes, but does it really work? 
Discussion Questions: 
1. What do you think about the death penalty? Is it morally right or wrong?
2. What types of crimes should lead to the death penalty?
3. What if an innocent person gets the death penalty?

16 thoughts on ““Death Penalty: Is Capital Punishment Morally Justified?” (Diana Espinoza, April 20-26th))”

  1. I believe the death penalty is wrong. I get that some people hae committed the most disgusting and heinous crimes but the death penalty is not humane. An innocent person getting a death penalty is tragic, in the sense that there is nothing anyone can do to bring this person back.

  2. 1.It’s really tough to easily answer this question. My gut goes with it is morally wrong, but as soon as any anger sets in about any given horrible crime that has been committed. Though you shouldn’t act on anger, so I think the right answer is that it is wrong.
    2. If it were morally justified, I would say mass murders (terrorism, psychopath killing spree,etc) should lead to the death penalty.
    3. I think it is absolutely terrifying for someone who is innocent to get the death penalty. If there are justifications for the death penalty, they should be so cut, clear, and concise that it can never be confused with anything else, therefore never having the mistake of an innocent person given the death penalty.

  3. I believe that the death penalty is morally wrong. We are given the Ten Commandments and Thou Shalt Not Kill is one of them. I think the death penalty differs from self-defense killings or war related killings because of the goal. If you are trying to prevent that person from committing another heinous crime then a sentence of life imprisonment without any hope for patrol would satisfy that. I also think that often mental issues are tied up in murder cases that further confuse the issue about appropriate punishments.
    If it were morally acceptable, the death penalty should only be applied to premeditated murders by people without any mental health issues or impairments that may have contributed to their committing such a crime.
    The possibility of an innocent person receiving the death penalty is one of the reasons I consider it morally wrong. There are many social issues that put a disproportionate amount of minorities in jail for crimes that they may or may not have committed. The death penalty once it is carried out is not a wrong that can be corrected.

  4. 1. This is a very hard question to answer, but in my opinion the death penalty can be morally right in certain situations. If someone commits the crime of first degree murder were they premeditate to murder many people such as school shootings or the Aurora Theater shooting they shouldn’t be punished in the same manner as someone who committed a much smaller crime (Jail Time no matter the length of sentence). People who are committing these crimes are believing that they have the right to take someone else’s life and should receive the death penalty
    2. Premeditated mass shootings and terrorism should lead to the Death Penalty.
    3. I think that if someone is to get the Death Penalty that they should have exact and clear information that the person in question did this for sure and they shouldn’t have a chance of making the mistake of killing an innocent person.

  5. I do believe the death penalty is wrong. Two wrongs, do not make a right. Killing someone because they killed someone does not stop others from killing. With that being said, there are no crimes, no matter how horrible, that should entitle the state to eliminate the criminal. We should instead find out the problems this people are facing so that we can help other’s in their situation. Applying the death penalty to someone who could be innocent is just cruel, another reason why I don’t agree with the death penalty. ultimately, it should not be up to the state as to who’s life they take away, it should be up to God. The state should be in charge of limiting the freedom of an individual.

    1. Ana. you have a good argument about why you believe that the death penalty should not be put in place, but I have a question. Since you believe that the state should not decide if someone receives the death penalty and you think God should, who would decide in the case where it is someone who does not believe in God or believes in a different God?

    2. I agree that death penalty is wrong and that we shouldn’t follow the whole “eye for an eye.” There is a limit to what kind of crimes that does should receive such as terrorism and mass shooting and not just a general crimes. There shouldn’t be an innocent person that would get the death penalty when the investigate should be careful and get all the information and evidence to show that person did it to get a death penalty.

  6. I think there should be death penalty, it’s morally wrong, but the people who make the crime they aren’t doing morally right things, if they have thought about others they wouldn’t make the crime. People committed to crimes such as murder or rape should get death penalty. If a innocent person gets death penalty, it would be very cruel to kill him, but these kind of problems are really rare.

    1. Zuhuma-
      I read an article that estimated 1 in 25 death row inmates is actually innocent. This was based on the rate of exonerations over the last 40 years of death row inmates. While not a staggering number, I think it actually is pretty high to think that even 1 in 25 might be put to death when they were actually innocent of the crime.

  7. I believe death penalty is wrong and inhuman. I don’t think any crime should lead to the death penalty; just being away from the people they (the prisoners) love and being neglected from society is hurtful itself and a good punishment. I personally believe no one deserves to be killed.

  8. Death penalty is very wrong. I believe that God is the one who has the power to take our life but not human beings. human beings have no right to that, its just cruel whether the person is innocent or criminal. life long jail time is just enough because they wouldn’t get to go out and live their life but killing someone just because they killed or done some kind of crime is unacceptable.

  9. I do not believe in the death penalty, I think that if someone commits a crime worthy of the death penalty they should be locked up forever. Innocent people happen to be convicted and yes it is sad but it a price that must be paid for the safety of the law.

  10. Ryan, you got me…I’m not sure who would decide in such a situation…but for sure not the government. whatever higher power that person believes in would decide what happens to the individual I guess…

  11. I personally believe that the death penalty is morally wrong. By killing an individual who has done something so evil and cruel, wouldn’t it make us evil and cruel to engage in a behavior that involves killing? The death penalty should not be exemplified as a means of revenge or a lesson for others because it is not a way to attain “justice”. Another reason why the death penalty should not exist is because innocent people do get put on death row. By ruling out the death penalty we can potentially save lives.

  12. I personally do not believe in the death penalty. You can look at it from many different angles. I think it is a crime in its self and it’s the government playing God. Even if the criminal is a murderer, I think we are stooping to his/her level with death penalty. I think someone who has sexually assaulted of killed other people deserves to rot in jail. You can also look at in the way that the death penalty is too nice for criminals, their life is over quick and easy, they don’t spend their lives suffering and living with what they did.

  13. Instead of looking for the means to punish an individual who has committed such crimes, maybe we should be looking for ways to rehabilitate and possibly give those individuals a second chance to change. In the end, they would still remain in prison and it may be worth the risk to see if that person has something great to contribute to society.

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