“Pope Says Christians Should Apologize to Gay People” (Katherine Martinez, April 13-19)

“Pope says Christians should apologize to gay people”

As a person who has been raised by Catholic parents, I have been exposed to many situations in which Christians disagree with certain issues. An issue that is constantly brought up amongst Christians is their hatred for those who are homosexual. I found the fact that Christians are opposed to homosexuals to be a strange concept due to the fact that the main argument of Christians is to love and care for you brothers and sisters, but yet they reject homosexuals? Most Christians say that being homosexual is wrong, unjust, and sinful. One tactic that I have seen from those who disagree with what Christians are trying to label homosexuals as is to use the bible to prove how unjust and judgmental they are. One of my favorite quotes is a short verse, “There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?” (James 4:12). However, not every Christian is as opposed to homosexuality as some others are, they have accepted them for who they truly are.
Last year, I remember going to church and hearing several people talking about what Pope Francis has recently said in regards to how Christians have been treating homosexuals and I found an article on CNN which covered what Pope Francis said in regards to the topic of homosexuals/LGBT. Pope Francis stated that all Christians should ask for forgiveness to those whom are gay. Some Catholics found that the statement that Pope Francis gave was a breakthrough in regards to the church’s views on homosexuality.
Pope Francis directly discussed the mistreatment of homosexuals and how much the Church is to blame for their mistreatment, “The Church must ask forgiveness for not behaving many times — when I say the Church, I mean Christians! The Church is holy, we are sinners!” Pope Francis also brought up the question “Who am I to judge gay people.” This is a question that all Christians should think about before trying to judge others for who they choose to love. Pope Francis address the conflict that Christians have created and suggested that the church as a whole should ask for forgiveness for the unjust treatment, which I completely agree with.
Discussion Questions
How do you view the Church’s treatment of homosexuals? Do you believe that they owe the LGBT community an apology? What are your views on how the church should treat the LBGT community?

15 thoughts on ““Pope Says Christians Should Apologize to Gay People” (Katherine Martinez, April 13-19)”

  1. The church’s treatment of homosexuals is just so wrong and so terrible and I do believe they owe the LGBT community an apology because according to Nostra Aetate the church looks down on ANY form of discrimination.

  2. Church’s should treat everyone the same, we are all the same and go to church with the same mission. Church should be the one place where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated for his or her differences. And yes the churches should apologies for their act even if it wasn’t on purpose. The church should be a judgmental free and where everyone feels welcomed and loved.

  3. I definitely agree that the church has sent a message that has caused or continues to cause mistreatment of the LGBT community by Christians. Even though it is taught that homosexuality is a sin, that doesn’t mean that as christians, one would have the right to condemn and judge a person based on their actions. it was explained in the bible that a sin is a sin. Everyone of us are sinners, so just because one is Christian, it doesn’t give us a right to judge other people.
    The church must treat everyone fairly and equally, and with kindness and respect.

  4. I do believe the church owes an apology to the LGBT community for their mistreatment at the hands of the church. As the Pope said, we are all sinners and we are not the ones who should be judging anyone. Firstly, I do not agree that homosexuality is even a sin at all. God created us all, and I don’t think he made a “mistake” when making some peoples sexuality different. However, even if you do believe it is a sin, how do you decide which sins are more or less acceptable than others? The church believes divorce is a sin as well, along with adultery and multitudes of other behaviors and yet those don’t seem to be considered as bad as homosexuality by some. All sins can be forgiven by God, it’s not for mankind to decide that.

    1. I do think that according to the christian faith, homosexuality is a sin, but that’s concerning the christian faith. But at the same time, all sin is the same. If you sin no matter what it is, a little white lie, or something like stealing, you’d be considered a sinner. It is not our job or it’s not even our right to make the decision as to which sin is greater than another. I think that as a believer, I believe in respecting people on their own decisions. We have no right to judge them on their lives, as we all have our own battles and sins to face. the church should apologize and should exhibit a better behavior for others.

  5. I believe that the church has not been treating all homosexuals fair and that they should treat everyone the same. Because of this I believe that the church does owe the homosexuals an apology even if they didn’t mean to offend them.

  6. Most Christians diasgree with homosexuality for the mere fact that God created woman for man…but things change, thus we owe the LGBT community an apology. We should not shame others for what they believe in or for what they love. Society changes continues to evolve the the idea of condeming the LGBT is and should be an old idea laid to rest. It should be widely accepted that it exists in our society.

  7. As a person from different culture,nation and religion, I barely hear and see homosexuals, but I think the church or anywhere in the society shouldn’t discriminate them. The most important thing is to respect others, and church should welcome them as it welcomes any other people, because when the society discriminate them church should be the place they can go and pray.

  8. I believe that the church has mistreated, humiliated, and judged homosexuals which is very wrong. I think that the Church should apologize for what they have done to the LGBT community. God teaches us to love one another and treat each other with kindness and respect.

    1. I agree that God teaches us to love and treat each other well. Yet, the Church alway say that because in the Bible; loving someone from the same sex is a sin and men should only be with women because that is what the Bible said. So, What do you think the Church should do in that case? Should they find a common ground in between to deal with the issue?

  9. I feel very strongly about this topic for I have a family member who is treated differently because of his sexual orientation, my christian family rejects him and thinks of his homosexuality as a family ‘issue’ and something that needs to be ‘fixed’, including his parents. I think some people of the christian faith treat homosexuals terribly. They do need apologize for what they have done in the past and how some of them are treating them currently. The church should treat people of the LGBT community the same as they would treat anyone from any community.

  10. I agree that many Christians have mistreated gays, but i don’t necessarily think they should apologize for their beliefs. Obviously mistreating them by calling them names or other hurtful actions is incredibly wrong, but in their eyes they do not believe its right for a women to be with a women and a man to be with a man. There are other ways of speak out instead of hurting someone because at the end of the day we are all human. What i think should happen is for everyone just to be themselves and to let God make that choice when the time comes.

  11. I do agree with the fact that Christians shouldn’t apologize for their beliefs, as some of you mentioned, but that they should apologize for the way the treat the LGBT community…the only question is how are they suppose to accept if they don’t agree with their lifestyle?

  12. I think that the church most definitely owes the LGBT community a large apology. The church has treated them as though they were exiles and saying that they do not belong. Of course, not all people in the church have mistreated the LGBT community but a lot have. The church should treat all people the same whether they be homosexual, heterosexual, religious or non-religious. The church must treat them as equals instead of as lesser humans.

  13. I agree with almost everyone here is that Church does own the LGBT community an apology. The Church’s treatment of homosexuals as if they have some kind of disease that can be transferred over if you stay close to them and be unfair to them because of who they are. The church should treat the LBGT all the same as people who follows God because we all have the common goal is God, and just because of who we love it doesn’t make us different.

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