My Sister’s Keeper (Naiya Dolce, April 13-19)

One movie that I loved to watch was, My Sister’s Keeper. This movie was about a small family that had a sick daughter. The daughter, Kate, had cancer and was dying. For the sake of their daughter’s life, the parents decided to conceive another child. Only that child was specifically created to be a donor for their daughter, Kate. Their youngest daughter, Anna, grew up being a marrow donor for Kate. When Anna got older she realized that the parents were too focused on Kate. Anna loved her sister, but she was tired of being poked with needles.

While Kate was in the hospital, the doctor informed the family that she needed another organ or she will die. They instantly volunteered Anna as the donor. Anna decided that she did not want to go through with the surgery. Her mother began to resent her for it, and it created problems within the family. For support, Anna decides to sue her parents for emancipation. She wanted to be in charge of her own body, but the question was what will happen to Kate? When her mother found out that she was going to court, the problems within the household grew. Things start to unravel and unfold. This movie shows Anna and Kate’s perspective on the situation. I attached the scene of the movie where the surgery was discussed.


Theological Issue: Throughout this movie, of course there are many religious issues that one could discuss. The one that came to my mind was accountability. In the movie Anna was basically genetically modified. She was born to keep her sister alive. She didn’t like how she was being treated as an object instead of another daughter. In church we are taught that family comes first. We are supposed to protect our brothers and sisters no matter the circumstance. If something happens to a family member, then we should be held accountable. This topic brings to my attention the story of Cain and Able. Cain killed his brother Able, and God approached him. He asked him “Where is Able your brother?” Cain replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:1-15). Cain refused to admit that he killed his brother. God wants us to take care of our siblings, and set an example. We are responsible for whatever they do, because they represent the Lord. Anna is Kate’s keeper in this movie. She is protecting her from death in a way. But, how much is too much?

Discussion: Is it okay for the parents to force Anna to donate to Kate? God wants us to protect our brothers and sisters, but would God understand Anna’s decision? Is it okay for Anna to choose herself, and to not donate anymore?

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  1. I personally believe the parents shouldn’t force Anna to donate to Kate. I believe at some point Anna is the one who has the right to decided what she wants to do, however she should consider the fact she is the only one that can help her sister and as mentioned above God wants us to help each other in any way possible. God will understand Anna’s decision, as children’s of God he knows why we do the things that we do and the decisions that we make. I don’t think Anna is being selfish, I believe she’s just tired and as humans we all get tired.

  2. The parents should have not forced Ana to donate to her sister. Although God wants us to protect our brothers/sisters, I do believe He would support Ana’s decision because she has moral justification for her actions.

    1. Like my peers, I also believe that Anna’s parents should not force her to donate to Kate. I do think that God would understand and support Anna’s decision because it is her life. It was not right of her parents to conceive her for the sole purpose to save her sister. It is a difficult situation because it could mean the death of her sister, if Anna decides against donating, but the parents did not handle it in a way that was fair and considerate for either daughter.

  3. This is a great blog post. I too have seen this movie and love it. I never actually took the time to think about the theological issues you mentioned… But no, it is not okay for the parents to force Anna to donate to Kate. Like you said, they genetically modified her and that’s definitely not part of God’s plan. Or how the world is suppose to work. I think the parents did this out of fear and lack of time. In that case, I think God supports Anna’s decision. Is it okay for Anna to choose herself, and to not donate anymore. Anna CAN choose life but she cannot be the one held accountable for her sister.

  4. I do not think that it is okay for the parents of Anna to force her to donate to Kate. God’s has a plan for everybody, but when someone is being changed such as Anna is, I don’t believe that is apart of God’s plan. God would support Anna’s decision and the decision should be fully up to Anna and to not donate if she doesn’t want to.

  5. I don’t think that it is okay for the parents to force Anna into donating for Kate. I think that it should have always been her choice to do decide whether or not she wanted to donate to Kate, even though she was conceived to help Kate. I think that is okay for Anna to decide what she wants to do with her own body.

  6. It is Anna’s body and she should choose if she organs are taken out of it or not. I think God would understand, she has done so much already to help her sister, but God clearly needs Kate for a reason or he would not have given her cancer. It makes me mad that Anna’s parents would force her to donate them in the first place, she is just a little girl and for her body to undergo so much surgery is just wrong and sad.

  7. I love this movie! I see both sides to this… the parents wanting to save their daughter and Anna not wanting to do this. I do think it should be Anna’s decision though. Anna has one life and i think she should make the most of it. She seems to be very close with her sister, but i dont think her parents should make such a big surgical decision for her.

  8. I support Anna’s decision, because she wasn’t able to share the love from her parents with Kate equally, so her parents shouldn’t force Anna to donate her organs to their another daughter. When parents have multiple children they should give them the equal opportunity to get their love from them, when parents even can’t give their simple love to their kids they shouldn’t ask them for that valuable things.

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