“This is The End” The end of the world (DeAndre’ Robertson, March 29th-April 5th Discussion)

Summary: I’ve seen the movie “This Is the End” so many times. It’s a fantasy/action/comedy/religious film that starts off with a group of celebrities at a party. James Franco throws a party with his friends Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson, along with many other celebrities. All of a sudden an apocalypse of biblical proportions erupts; this causes everyone at Franco’s party to be trapped inside the home. Eventually everyone gets out and they run outside into a big hole as the world disintegrates before their eyes. More than 90% of the party members die, and the world is left with a few people and the six friends. This unexpected situation leaves the friends on the edge of getting torn apart, with the new responsibility of trying to keep each other alive.

Video link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmC34g6tIAI

The movie continues with the six friends trying to fight for their lives and eventually coming face to face with the devil. Towards the end, the devil comes and tries to take their lives, but as it reaches for one of the friends, a blue light/ring appears around him and lifts him up into heaven, along with his other friends, God took them one by one.

This shows that as the world was ending, and this terrible situation took place, each friend was able to focus on each other and put their differences aside which allowed them to be taken by God and enter the gates of heaven.

Theological Issue/Question: The theological issue is the question as to when the world is actually going to end. Although no one knows this answer except for God himself, some people wish they knew. The bible does discuss and talk about the end of the world, but there is no actual date that states the specifics and details.
Relation to class: Although we haven’t really discussed “the end of the world” in class yet, I would like to reference some scriptures from the bible that talk about the end. In 1 John 2:17 it states that “The world is passing away and so is its desire.” This describes the world will come to an end soon because it’s slowly degrading away. Also the bible states that “The one who does the will of God remains forever” (1 John 2:17). This quote is discussing one prospect of everlasting life right here on earth. “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it” (Psalm 37:29). Although this is stated in the bible, it is not meant to be taken literally. It means that those who were good on earth will go to heaven and live there forever. These quotes explain that if you are righteous, that you will live forever on it. In the movie I don’t believe that the characters knew when the world was going to end which is why throughout the time that they were alive, they started to pray and ask God for forgiveness for any of their sins they had.

Question for discussion: If you were still alive during the time of the end of the world, how would you react? Would you ask God for forgiveness? Do you feel that God should’ve stated a date where it tells us in the bible when that time will come?

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28 thoughts on ““This is The End” The end of the world (DeAndre’ Robertson, March 29th-April 5th Discussion)”

  1. I believe that if I was still living during the time that the world ends, that I would want to be around my immediate family for comfort and support. I feel as though that I would be scared and frighten of what would happen next, I would want to know if I’m going to heaven or hell. Yes, I would definitely ask for God’s forgiveness. I do not feel as though God should tell people when the world will end. If people knew when the world would end they would not be serving God for the right reasons. Living a righteous lifestyle is a choice that every individual has and it should not be forced upon them.

    1. I completely agree with you that living a virtuous life is an option for every human being and that nothing nor no one should in any way force the individual to choose to become virtuous person.

  2. If I were alive during the end of the world, I’m not sure how I would react, shocked and scared I’m sure. Yes, I think I would ask God for forgiveness if that is “how it worked” to get to heaven at that time during the world. Ultimately I guess it was up to God to give us a date or not of when He is coming back. I would say no I don’t think that He should of told us a date, although it would be nice I am sure. But as a human I feel like if He were to give us a specific date; many people would live however they wanted, then attempt to get “their lives right” near to the time of His return. I don’t think that is exactly how God intended us to live our lives, but who knows maybe people who are Christians now would live the same regardless of a date or not.

  3. If I am still alive during the end times, I will not act any differently than I already do, because I accepted Jesus into my life for this reason, so I am as prepared for it as I ever will be. I should clarify, though, that the way I live is already focused on pleasing the Lord. I would repent for the things I have done, like I already do, because got will forgive and forget all of our sins as long as we bring them up to him and learn from our mistakes so that we do our best in not doing it again. I do not feel that God should have told us when the end times are for 2 reasons. The first reason is because God had it this way for a reason and whatever he does is for the best. Lastly, having us not know when the end times are really trust our faithfulness and believe in Him because if we knew he would come in the year of X then I feel like it would safe to assume that most people would live however they wanted until that time and then repent for their sins and start “living for God” at that point. But this isn’t what God wants. He wants us to fully trust in Him even when we don’t know the what the outcome is or when it will be.

  4. It’s hard to answer how I would react in an end of the world situation, as I’ve never experienced anything so awful. I think it would make sense for people to turn to God in times of crisis, especially when the world is actually ending. The Bible and God are meant to offer this solution to human mortality and the big question of where our souls go after death; it provides comfort to the world. I don’t think the Bible should have given a specific date for “the end”. The Mayan calendar said that the world would end 2012, but it did (as it is 2017 currently). Inaccuracies in date would damage the authority of the holy document. The Bible was written by human authors, and while it may be God’s word, humans can’t comprehend the future in the same way as God. And putting an official end on the world would also cause chaos; we know when the world will end, so why care about anything but survival?

  5. I would be frightened if the world ended literally right now. But, I know that God has me written in the book of life, so I wouldn’t really panic. I don’t think that there should be a set date for when Jesus comes back. People would be too focused on trying to live a “perfect” life. Some people may even fake it. God wants to come back and save people he knows are true.

  6. Naiya, you stated that God has you written in the book of life. Do you believe that every individual is guaranteed eternal life after death? Also, how have you come to a conclusion about the book of life? Will all Christians and followers of God receive eternal life, once the rapture takes place?

  7. I would be very scared, I would accept it though and believe that God will do what he believes is right. I don’t think God should state the date because it will just make people anxious and make them do crazy things.

  8. If the world were to end right now I think my reaction would be scared because of the unknown. Since the end of the world would happen over the course of a few days I would start to repent. I would ask God to forgive me for my sins and welcome me into his Kingdom. To me it doesn’t really matter when the world ends because the outcome is the same whether you die naturally or when the world ends. You will still face the wrath of God at some point.

  9. Thank you for this post DeAndre’. I’ve never heard of this movie but it surely caught my attention. To answer your question, if I were still alive during the time of the end of the world, I would be scared out of my mind. A lot of movies portray the Second Coming of God as “the end of the world” and it even sounds scary. I really wouldn’t know what to do exactly. But I will say this, as a Catholic, if God comes for a second time and I committed a sin, I am not going straight to Heaven. That is what’s most frightening. So of course I would ask God for forgiveness. But I don’t feel that God should’ve stated a date where it tells us in the Bible when that time will come. Because God wants people to make sure they are preparing themselves each and every day for that Second Coming; by following his Commandments and not sinning.

    1. Paula, I agree with you that God wants people to prepare themselves each and every day for the last day, by not sinning and following His commandments. People seem to forget that regardless if they are alive for the end of the world or not, they will still be raised from the dead to answer for their sins.

  10. I would be somewhat afraid if the world were to end right now, but more so okay with the fact the world was ending. I would not beg God for forgiveness because I know I have lived my life the way it was supposed to be lived and though I may not have lived a “godly” life (term is open for so many interpretations) I know I had a personal relationship with Him. As for a specific date, I would think it would do good because that way people can be prepared an not die with any regrets.

    1. Lauryn, I’m curious why you think it would help people more if they knew a specific date? We are already promised that the end times WILL happen, the only thing we don’t know is when, so people have fair warning to turn their lives around so that they don’t have any regrets, as I agree with you that they certainly will regret not living for God at that time. God’s main goal is for us to trust in Him no matter what, that is why he didn’t give us the exact date so that we live by faith alone.

    2. Lauryn, I agree with you, except I would ask forgiveness from God because I know as a human I have made many mistakes and I would personally feel better knowing I’ve been forgiven when it is my last day on this earth.

  11. I feel like If I were alive during the end, I would feel extremely terrified and would definitely ask for mercy. I think what scares me is literally death and itself, especially now I feel like I haven’t lived long enough to be content or ready to die. I think most people feel that way too. For me it’s not so much what happens after.
    As far as knowing when the end is coming…mmm….I think not knowing is fine. If we knew we might feel super anxious that there isn’t enough time or maybe..hopefully…people recognize that they should be kind and live a righteous life.

  12. I agree with what other have said with the whole idea of “faking it”. If God had said this date and time from when the world is gonna end, some people would in a way fake the belief in that the salvation to everlasting life is through Christ. In addition, I think that people will then disregard the fact that as Christians, they have to live for God. But if people knew when the world was going to end, then people would act carelessly, continually livings a sinful life, up to the point before the world would end, and then ask for forgiveness.

  13. If I were still alive during the time of the end of the world, I would definitely be scared. At the same time, I would trust in the Lord like I always have and trust the plan He has for me and society. I would ask Him for forgiveness of my sins and repent before Him. Like some of my peers, I do not think God should’ve stated a date as to when the world is going to end because it would only cause people to panic and attempt to do the right things for the wrong reasons. But God forgives and He will accept those who turn to Him.

    1. I think that anyone at that time would be absolutely terrified. But i agree with you one the idea of trust. I can’t refer to s specific scripture, but I know that the bible tells us that we have to trust in God and believe in Jesus, so the world ending shouldn’t be something to be scared off, but something to rejoice in, in a way.

  14. I like how everyone is saying that people would fake living life for God but don’t you think God knows that. Like I always hear people say that god knows the truth

    1. I think that, yes, God knows people’s true intentions especially when they are put in times of crisis and panic. And I think He puts into account that person’s life up until that final moment to allow that individual to ask for forgiveness and earn their way into heaven.

  15. If I were alive during the end of the world I think I would be somewhat afraid, but would accept it. I would ask God for forgiveness knowing that the end is near to help me feel better in this horrific situation knowing I have asked for forgiveness and will be going o heaven. I do not think that God should state the end date of the world in the bible and that it should just happen naturally.

  16. In reading the comments, I wondered…what is the end? I have heard many people say we are beginning to live the end…with all the turmoil going on around us and such…is the end our personal death or is it going to be a disastrous end in which everyone will essentially have the same fate? if so, will it be fair that innocent people and criminals will die the same way?

  17. If the world were to end and I was still alive to actually witness it, I do not know how I would react and honestly, nobody does. Everybody says that they know the emotions that they would be going through such as pain, fear, or sadness. But in terms of what actions they would take, they do not know what they would do unless they were actually in the situation. In any hypothetical event, a person says exactly what they THINK that they would do but in all honestly, they have no idea. I’m also not sure if I would ask God for forgiveness at that precise time due to all of the emotions that I would be going through and knowing myself, I would probably forget to even though I know that to sounds bad but it’s realistically something I would do. I think that it was good that God did not give us a “set date” as to when we all cease to exist, it wouldn’t let us “live life to the fullest.” If we were to have a set date, that would be the only thing that we would think about, what we would live each day concerned about.

  18. If I were still alive during the time of the end of the world, I would be scared and would want to be around my family and friends. I would most definitely ask God for forgiveness. I think that it is best that God did not state a date of when the world is ending because if he did, in a way, that is kind of pressuring people to believe in him. Also, by God not telling human beings, it gives the people a chance to make things right with Him, if not already done so, and it can, for those who already believe in him, help increase there trust and faith in God.

  19. If I am to be alive during the end of time, I would be frightened and my whole life and actions I have made would probably flash before my eyes. I would definitely ask and pray for forgiveness, but at the same time I would accept what would happen to me, because I made my own choices and also was very aware that this day (and day of judgment) would come. I do not feel that we should know when the last day is, just like we don’t know when we will die. Not knowing things like this are essential to what makes human life so precious. Also not knowing gives us more purpose in our life, and is the whole test of life and how we live our lives. If we knew the specific time, it would constantly be on our minds and would probably change the way we live our lives. The whole test of life is to still be aware and do right by God, even while we are consumed with this material world.

  20. If I were alive during the end of the world I would definitely be scared and be going through a lot of emotions. I think that I would accept that it is the end and I want want those who I love to be around me. I would also ask God for forgiveness for the things that I have done, but I would also thank him for giving me the life that he did. I don’t think that God should give a specific date to when the world would end because, eventually we are all going to die. I believe that God has a plan for every one of us on this earth and how we will go. Also if he had given us a date then people would only do “good things” in order to do right by God so they are forgiven.

  21. I would not seek forgiveness if I was at the end of the world. If I do not ascend to heaven then there is a good reason and it means I should have been a better person from the start. God does not need to put a date in because people should always be doing good things all the time instead of only when the rapture approaches.

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