“In the post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim attacks on Christians are rising” (Zuhuma Ainiwaer, March 30th-April 5th)


The article “In the post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim attacks on Christians are rising” by  Sudarsan Raghavan from Washington Post, talks about the relationship between Muslim and Christian who are living in Muslim countries. There is a village in Egypt where Christians and Muslims live together and get along, but recently because of the political change in the country, the relationship between Christians and Muslims in the village became bad and violent, and Muslims in the village attacked a christian farmer, who was trying to protect his children from the melee.

Another example was in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State militants have destroyed churches, abducted Christians and carried out forced conversions. The main reason of Muslim and Christian citizens turning against each other was the religion of the politician power-holder. Christians as minorities in the country eager for get a power-holder and not be discriminated by Muslims. As written in Vatican II, the churches look upon Muslims with respect, because they venerate Jesus as a prophet, even though they don’t acknowledge him as God, and honor his mother Mary (Nostra Aetate pg.325). The bigger idea in Vatican II is “All nations are one community and have one origin, because God caused the whole human race to dwell on the whole face of the earth.”(Nostra Aetate pg.323). Personally, I lived in my country as minority and discriminated by majorities, then finally moved to the U.S. where everyone has religious freedom, here I respect people from different religions and they respect me, also we don’t force each other to believe in our religion.

Discussion Question

The Second Vatican Council says the Church respects Muslims. Why do you think Muslims and Christians fight each other? Why are Muslims stereotyped in our society today? Would the relationship get better between Muslims and Christians if we change our opinion about Muslims?

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16 thoughts on ““In the post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim attacks on Christians are rising” (Zuhuma Ainiwaer, March 30th-April 5th)”

  1. After reading the Washington Post article, it seems that economics is a big factor in some of these conflicts, especially the one in the Egyptian village. One group perceives that the other has more than they do, and it becomes an “us” vs. “them.” Like so many other conflicts, the minority is the one to suffer. It almost seems like the religious aspect is just an excuse, a way to label the out group and distinguish them from the in group, the majority. The government trying to appease the majority, the Muslims, by avoiding prosecution of these harassment cases is just empowering others to act unlawfully against the Christians. I think the reason that Muslims are looked upon with suspicion around the world is because of the extremists that commit violence against Christians and even their own people that they feel aren’t conforming or bending to their will. The extremists are by no means representative of all Muslims, but because they claim to be doing it because of their religion it gives people who don’t know any differently the idea that it’s more representative of all Muslims rather than the minority.

    1. Christine, I think you’re comment is great. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I especially liked when you said “… the minority is the one to suffer. It almost seems like the religious aspect is just an excuse…” I think that’s the most appropriate answer as to why Muslims and Christians fight each other. But I also think Muslims stereotyped in our society today due to 9/11. That point in time definitely came as a shock to everyone. But, as anyone else would say, it’s sad to think that a whole religion and community have to be treated and looked up differently because of a couple of bad seeds. I am hopeful though; the relationship between Muslims and Christians are bound to get better because (thankfully) our generation is more accepting of all ideas and cultures. I think if we continue this effort of solidarity with our Muslim bothers and sisters, we are sure to reach a better relationship.

  2. I believe that Muslims and Christians fight because of the constant competition between the two; they are very similar as religions, but yet different so that sparks conflict. I think why Muslims are still stereotyped and discriminated against one because of the affects of 9/11 (still) and the more recent Muslim-ban by Donald Trump. When the political authority approves of such discrimination (as with the ban), it encourages everyone else to share in the hatred. I do believe that if people were to learn more about Islam as a people and not focus on the radicals of the religion, then that would produce more understanding and less conflict.

  3. I think that many Christians are judgmental. I am a Christian and I witness it all the time. Many Christians believe that if you don’t follow what they do or believe what they believe then you’re going to Hell. Personally, I just don’t think they give Muslims the time of day, because they hate their beliefs. There are many stereotypes against Muslims because of all of the terrorist attacks. I think it’s disgusting, because the people who commit those crimes don’t follow the Qur’an correctly at all. That is NOT the Islamic teaching. We definitely cannot put all Muslims into one category. There are many Caucasian Christians who are KKK members or even shoot at movie theaters or churches. That’s hypocrisy.

    1. Naiya, I agree with your comment. Most Christians believe the only way is the Christian way and they don’t take the time to learn the others religion. And I agree that not all Muslims are terrorist we have Christians who are terrorist but is someone mentions terrorist the first assumption people make is Muslim people and I find that very uneducated.

  4. I think Christians and Muslims fight each other because they are both very competitive religions and they are very similar religions. They have also started fighting because Christians stereotype Muslims a lot which gives Muslims a bad look on them, which upsets them. I believe they have got this stereotype from events such as 9/11 and the formation of terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. I believe since these groups are “affiliated” with the Muslim religion most people put the rest of the Muslim community in that same “affiliation” and gives every Muslim a bad look. I believe that if people could look past the stereotype of Muslims and understand that they all aren’t apart of ISIS or Al Qaeda, then the relationship between Christians and Muslims could in turn become better.

  5. I think no matter what the bible says about accepting other religions they will always think their religion superior. So even though the bible says to accept muslims they still discriminate and fight with them because they want everyone to be catholic. There are also still problems because of terrorist attacks that have happened and the terrorists being muslim. This is affecting the reputation of them, I also blame the media though. The media mostly focuses on the bad things about muslims, and the headlines are always “Muslim Man does…” but when a white christian man or woman does something the headlines are much different.

    1. Zeyna,
      I believe you are correct that the media plays a big role in the continuing focus on the Muslim religion and terrorism. It’s not portrayed very equally when a Christian terrorist commits violence based on their disapproval of something other than what they believe in. Even if the crime is reported the label of Christian terrorist is left out of the reporting. People commit atrocities based on their beliefs, period. Not just Muslims or Christians.

  6. I think these two religions fight because they both have mutually exclusive truth claims about the nature of God and the person of Jesus Christ. For one to be true the other must be false. I believe Muslims are stereotype due to influenced by the media. These hurtful “representations” are the reason why e cannot come together under the same nation. The relationship between Muslims and Christians would definitely improve if we got rid of all the hate and negativity that goes towards each other.

    1. Nice comment Lauryn. I would agree with you here about the fact that for one to be true the other must be false. I also think ultimately that is what causes fights/wars between the two religions. Although many factors influence the relationship and reputations I think that social media does indeed play a role in the spread of different stereotypes of each religion.

    2. I also agree with you, I think that many people are deeply influenced by the media. The media depicts Muslims are a certain stereotype that make them out to be bad people. When in reality they are not like that. If this type of media influence went did not use this type of stereotyping then the relationship between Muslims and Christians would improve.

  7. I believe that the conflicts that arise between Muslims and Christians are based off of stereotypes that are made against Muslims and their beliefs. The media plays a huge role in how Muslims are portrayed, especially after terrorist attacks. Christians have strong and beliefs systems but so do Muslims and the differences between the two religions could also potentially be another reason why the two religions crash against each other.

    1. The media does play a huge role, and they always make it seem as if only Muslims have committed terrorist attacks and that’s truly wrong because it’s not true, it’s not only one race.

  8. reading this article reminded me that happened years ago when I was back home in Ethiopia. There is a region in the north that is known for the alliance of Muslim and Christian in the same city. they support and respect each other but a few years ago, some Muslim group was attacking Christian churches almost every Sunday and tape it to distribute it all over the country. people in different religions may fight each other buy that doesn’t mean everyone in that religion are bad people. that would be painting everyone with same color.

  9. I think Muslims and Christians fight simply because of their views, they’re not all the same, they don’t believe in the same things. This results in them fighting and disagreeing with different topics and whether they feel that some things are right or wrong. I feel that Muslims are stereotyped because people have seen what that specific race has done in the world that are bad, but I strongly disagree that people should see all Muslims like that, or degrade any specific race for what some of the people in that race have done. Just because bad things have happened doesn’t mean you should be racist towards a specific race, everyone is their own person, and some people don’t get that through their heads. The relationship between Muslims and Christians could get better, but I don’t feel it would be completely better just because of the different religious that people have.

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