“Evan Almighty” God’s Calling (Ryan Albert, March 23 – March 29th)

A movie that I have seen many times since its release is “Evan Almighty.” The movie is about Evan Baxter who is a newly elected Congressman that wants to change the world. Evan and his wife, Joan, are religious people that both pray to God, but for different things. Evan prays for the opportunity to become the Congressman and change the world, his wife prays for the family to become closer together.

On Evan’s first day at work he is given a prime office space and is asked to co-sponsor the Public Land Act bill (which God is not in favor of). After his first day Evan starts to experience strange events. The number 614 starts showing up everywhere (614 for Genesis 6:14), ancient tools and gopher wood are being sent to his house, God appears to him everywhere he goes, animals start following him, his beard starts growing out and even if he shaves it grows back instantly, and eight vacant lots in his neighborhood are bought under his name to have room to build the ARK.

Even after these things happen, Evan still tries to deny that God is truly appearing to him and asking him to do this. After some time, though, he finally agrees to build the ARK. Evan is fired from his job as a congressman and his family moves out of the house because Evan is acting weird and Joan thinks he is going crazy. With all this extra time Evan finally starts building the ARK with the help of animals and later his family who forgives him.

Here is a link to a short clip (3 minutes) from the movie:

The main part in this movie is when Evan asks God to help him change the world and God gave him the chance and guidance to do just that. God’s calling to Evan led to him being able to change the world and finish the ARK to save people, animals, and stop the passing of the bill.

Throughout my lifetime, I have prayed many times to God to help me in certain situations, to gain something, or help me fight through something, etc. From these experiences, I sometimes cannot see how God is helping if at all, but sometimes I can see that God will propose an opportunity to make something better which is exactly what he did in this movie with Evan. Evan wanted to change the world and God gave him the chance with giving him supplies to build an ARK.

In our class, we had to read 1 Corinthians which discussed how people should accept and consider God’s calling. In the first chapters of 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul writes a letter to Corinth to help the people understand God and to keep having faith. In the beginning of the letter Paul starts by telling Corinth how God invited them to be his people and that whoever calls upon him God will give you all of his blessings, and great peace of heart and mind. (1:2-3). Later in the letter, Paul asks the people of Corinth to consider their calling from God and that God has chosen each of them for a specific reason. (1 Corinthians 1-4). With this being said the main point in 1 Corinthians is that the people of Corinth need to consider their calling from God such as Evan had to in order to reach salvation or in Evan’s case change the world.

Discussion Questions:
In today’s society if God was to answer someone’s prayer just as he did with Evan’s, how would we respond? What would God’s calling to us look like? Do you think that if a person stops praying to God they will lose their faith in him?
Have you ever experienced any callings or answers to your prayers from God? If not, why do you think this is?

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23 thoughts on ““Evan Almighty” God’s Calling (Ryan Albert, March 23 – March 29th)”

  1. Sounds like a humorous movie. I haven’t seen it yet. Good post and good questions. I think and know that God does answer prayers and I can say that I have experienced that from “smaller” things to “larger” things. I think the response may be different depending on the circumstance and how big we see the situation or how big we see the answer. Although there is no difference to God to how big something may be. I think that God’s calling may present itself in different ways. I believe it will be present, when one prays, possibly from a pastor’s sermon, but ultimately from God’s Word, the Bible. I believe that I will continue to see God’s hand in my life and answers to prayer if I continue to put my trust and reliance on Him.

  2. I like the approach you made with this movie too. Despite how funny the movie is, I think it is safe to say that God is not too often as literal and obvious with his plan for us. Through my own experiences and others, I think God’s calling is presented to us through opportunities that he grants us in our own lives. I am not entirely sure how to expand on this but I think He always manages to grant blessings and open doors for us and if we listen to our hearts we can make the right decisions. I personally believe that praying is a very powerful and fulfilling part in my relationship with God. Like with any relationship, communication is key and even though it may seem like a one-sided conversation at times, I think it is important to realize that He converses with us in a different way; a conversation that requires faith and trust.

  3. I think it would be very hard for a lot of people to believe that God had answered their prayers in such a way as what happened with Evan. For Evan, the response to his prayer was dramatically different that his intention; he wanted to save the world, but instead he helped the neighborhood and changed politicians’ minds. If someone were to stop praying, I do not think that they would just lose their faith, although their are people that would. Praying is this connection with God, a way to talk to him directly and be in a relationship with him. If people stop, or don’t even try to pray, they might lose this connection and then lose their faith (or desire in faith).

  4. I believe that if God responded to our prayers every single time like he did to Evan we would not appreciate Him as much and would not value Him as much because if He just gave us what we wanted every time, we would not learn to love Him and trust him whole heartedly through anything and everything , we would just become more selfish, expecting God to give us what want, whenever we want it. That takes the beauty and uniqueness of His love away, as well as our ever-building relationship with Him.

    1. I hit submit before I answered all of the questions…oops! 😛
      God’s calling to us, then, would then not be as special because we are to always trust in Him whether we get what we want out of a situation or not. If we always were given what we wanted, then we really wouldn’t be building a unique and strong relationship with God like he wants.
      I do not believe that just because someone stops praying to God that that will cause them to lose their faith in God. People fall short in their relationship with God, but he promises us that if we are truly a child of His, we will never run too far away from Him, eventually we will come back.
      Yes, I have experienced so many answers to my prayers because when I pray I truly believe that He will protect me and have things happen according to His perfect will.

      1. That’s actually a really interesting point. If God answered all our prayers then we would be taking advantage of Him. But also, there are reasons as to why God doesn’t always answer our prayers, like how when we pray, we are always insisting on what we want for our plans. I think that the best plan is God’s plan, so he answers our prayers based on what he knows is best for us. Like the saying that everything is on God’s timing. And his timing is always perfect.
        But going back to the article’s question, I do kind of think that if we stop prayer, we could start losing faith in God. I think that this could happen because we were given prayer as a way to communicate to God. So prayer is an important role in developing or continuing your spiritual life. Prayer is used to talk to God and stopping that, kind of stops the communication with Him.

        1. I completely agree with you that the best plan is God’s plan. I like when you said “…everything is on God’s timing. And his timing is always perfect.”, even though one may question it.

    2. I agree with you, I also think that if God answered everyone’s prayers like he did for Evan, we would lose appreciation towards God. I think that people would take God for granted.

  5. I think in today’s society if God was to answer someone’s prayer just as he did with Evan’s, I think our response would be shocked and doubtful. I think God’s calling to us would look like truly “the end of time” and how it has been mentioned in the Bible; the Second Coming. ? I think prayer has nothing to do with God’s relationship with that person. I think people who lack in prayer (like myself) is because of laziness and no time. Just because I don’t pray as often as I should, that does not mean I lose faith in the Lord. I have experienced the Lord calling out to me and answering my prayer. It was a wonderful moment/experience and I wish everyone could have a chance like mine.

    1. I agree with you that we would be shocked because we wouldn’t believe at first that it was God talking to us, and calling to us. We would definitely have some doubt in the beginning.

    2. I agree, but Paula do you sometimes feel like you don’t give God enough time? You mentioned that you were lazy or just don’t have the time. Maybe you could try to make time. Right before you go to bed or when you wake up.

  6. I am not sure how everyone else would respond, but I would not deny that God answered the prayer in the way He did. I would accept it without question.

    Also, God’s calling to us is different for each person. I am not sure what His calling would look like. I do think that if a person stops praying to God, they will begin to lose their faith in him and their connection with God and become distant, which will result in their faith to not be as strong as it should be.

    I have experienced answers to some of my prayers with some being as miracles. The other prayers have not been answered yet. The reason I say yet is because God will answer them when the time is right.

  7. That movie is so funny!!! But if God answered someone’s prayer like that I don’t think they would acknowledge that is was truly God. Unless they truly have a relationship and faith in God.
    I think God’s calling is different for everyone..for example it could be a simple lifestyle change after maybe a near death experience…you just have to see it.
    No, I don’t think someone can lose faith, if anything maybe they may feel distanced or lonely, but never lose faith. Once faith has been established, I think it would be hard to lose it.
    And I think I can truthfully say that God has listened to me…

    1. Ana, I think it’s interesting the way you look at someone not being able to lose their faith once it has been established. I agree with you!! I believe that if someone’s faith in the Lord was real and happened truly because they chose it, but then they distance themselves with God, they will still find their way back to God because John 10:28-29 says, “I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.” This means, once you are a true follower of Jesus, you may wander away but you can never be fully plucked away from him.

    2. What you said about faith was really interesting, I didn’t think about it that way. I kind of explained in a way that if we stop praying we do lose our faith, but I can see how we don’t. We might just be more distant from God. Which obviously isn’t a good thing when it comes to devotion. But i think that because prayer is so important it having faith in God, hat if it does continue, it is possible to lose faith in Him. We lose our ways in the path to God, that it can happen to lose faith in him, if we stop praying.

  8. If God were to answer someone’s prayer just as he did with Evan’s I feel that we would respond scared and frightened at first because we actually see God, but then we would be thankful that he came to us and is helping us with our problems. I think God’s calling to us would be the same as he did with Evan, or happen in our dreams and then we’ll eventually start to see him in person. I do think that if a person stops praying to God they will lose their faith in him because if they believed in God and all of the wonderful things he can do for them, then they would pray to him. I have experienced answers to my prayers from God such as with health within the family or situations with school and my education, and there were many more issues that I’ve prayed about in the past.

  9. If God was to answer someone’s prayer in today’s society, personally I think I would do anything that asked me to do. If someone stops to praying to God, I think they won’t loose their faith in him, because in today’s society, we have much more pressure in our life and sometimes we don’t have time to pray, but we have our faith inside, so maybe God will forgive us for that.

  10. I think after reading a lot of the comments, I do believe that its hard to decipher God’s calling for each of us. I have a friend who does not believe in coincidences and, instead, believes that sometimes it’s just a sign from the Lord that something is meant to be. Sometimes it applies to the situation, sometimes it does not. But I think a lot of it has to do with taking decisions as they are and choosing the one that feels right.

  11. Personally, I believe people will be shocked if God answered their prayers 24/7. Some people cry out for something they don’t mean or expect. I think my calling is to help people, but sometimes I get lost. I pray to God for guidance. My relationship with God isn’t as strong as it should be. I think praying keeps you on track. I think if you stop praying you might lose sight on what’s important. Sometimes my prayers aren’t answered in the way I want it to be. But I learned that God has bigger plans. God may be saying “NOT YET” when I ask for something.

  12. I personally believe that God does not answer prayers. I think he has established what ones life will be like and if you pray for something to change in your life he will only do it if it’s part of his plan. I do not think that people will lose faith if they do not pray, God is in your heart and just because you don’t pray to him doesn’t mean he will leave you if you still believe in him

  13. I do not believe God answers prayers. I think he maps out what he wants an individual’s life to be like. If you pray for something I think he views it as a needs vs wants type of deal. I on’t think it’s the lack of praying that causes a person to lose their faith, I think it’s more an interpersonal thing.

  14. Anthony, I agree that answers to prayers are seen if we want to see them! God is always throwing hints at us, we just refuse to see them. We can see God speaking to us through scripture, prayer, and of course through faith!

  15. Well for starters I do not believe in God but if someone was to say have a God-given mission then I would support that person because it is simply what they desire to do because of their faith. God’s calling can come in any form, in my opinion, it could be a road sign, or a feeling, or something totally crazy. Praying and believing are two very different things. Just because one does not pray does not mean they do not my believe. My mother is older now and cannot go to church nor does she pray around the house, however, she still believes firmly in God.

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