Presiding Over Same-Sex Marriages (Tham Huynh, Feb 23-March 1st Discussion)

You won’t believe the number of pastors forced to preside over same-sex marriages

Same-sex marriage was finalized in 2015 in the fifty of United States. For religious believers this type of marriage is not right because it always been taught that a man would marry a woman and that is the right way in life. A religion that had a significant conflict with the Christian Right seeing this as a wrong and sinful thing.

The reading I was looking at talked about how that pastor by law is being forced to marry the same-sex couple, or a legal measure will be taken against them. A pastor named Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas said, “may mean we experience jail time…but as the scripture says, we ought to obey God rather than man, and that’s our choice.” (Para. 3) Showing that if this law is enforced by the government, it had no meaning because the words of God is more important than obeying the law that is written.

Another Baptist pastor Rick Scarborough also agrees with the whole “accepting to pay any fine rather than marrying gay marriage.” (Para 4) Yet, as for the number that pastors, priests, and religious leaders had been forced to marry same-sex, there is none.

In the Bible, there are many sayings about a man being with a woman “that is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Gen 2:24) The quote shows that once a man is all grow to leave his family a wife will become with him as a whole like you missing pieces put together to become one piece. The Bible taught that having an attraction to the same sex is ok, and that is fine, but if that attraction turns into an intercourse it’s a prohibited in the teaching. There is an example that is showing somewhere in the Bible “I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women” (2 Samuel 1:26). The teaching of marriage in the Bible always refer to a man and a woman like how God created Eve (a woman) for Adam (a man), yet this isn’t a particular teaching that says that same gender can’t be together. Many of the sayings told us that to love everyone just like how God is the creation and father of all us “this is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:38-39) Treat other how you would treat yourself, and it’s not your job to say who is wrong leave it in the hand of God because he knows what to do.


What is your opinion on same-sex marriage?  What is  your thought about same-sex marriage being sinful? Do you a agree that marrying someone you love is more important than the gender the person is? Even when same-sex marriage is legal why do you think they still have challenges they have to face?

Instructor’s Note: This is obviously a “hot topic,” but an important one to discuss! In your discussion, be sure to be respectful of your classmates and of both sides of this issue. Focus on the theological ideas and issues discussed in class, especially considering our understanding of Scripture and the Vatican II document Dei Verbum. How are we to interpret these individual passages from the Bible? Is there an obvious or definitive message from the Bible on homosexuality and same-sex marriage? What do we need to ask of the biblical authors to better understand their intentions?

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18 thoughts on “Presiding Over Same-Sex Marriages (Tham Huynh, Feb 23-March 1st Discussion)”

  1. For me, I 100% support same-sex relationships and their right to marry. When it comes to interpreting the Bible, I think we need to refer to “Dei Verbum” and take the Bible in context of the surrounding circumstances. Around the time of the Bible, there were many cultures that included and supported same-sex relationships (like Greece, Rome, etc); it makes sense for the Hebrews to want and reject that lifestyle and include that rejection in their laws. When it comes to priest refusing to marry same-sex couples, while I don’t approve, as private institutions they are allowed to refuse whoever they want. There are some churches that refuse even opposite sex couples from marrying unless they take relationship tests or some sort of counseling. Since priests are of the church, they interpret the Bible various ways (literal or not). If they disapprove of same-sex marriages, that just reflects how they see God’s word.

  2. I fully support same-sex marriages both in the legal sense and within the church. I don’t believe that there is anything sinful about it. As we read in Genesis, God created everything and it was good. Sexual orientation has been recognized as an innate trait we are born with for at least the last 40 years, if not longer. If God created people of all sexual orientations, I don’t see how is it sinful for them to honor each other with the same love and commitment that heterosexuals do in marriage. I am not sure that pastors need to be forced to conduct such ceremonies against their will. I imagine that homosexuals that wish to have their marriage blessed in a church would already be involved with a denomination that is inviting of those relationships.

    1. I agree with you Christine when you stated that “If God created people of all sexual orientations, I don’t see how it is sinful for them to honor each other…” because this is true. There are all types of sexual orientations and it’s not fair that people are still against same-sex marriage.

  3. I totally support same sex-marriage. In both the legal and church sense of it. In the bible Jesus addresses and defines marriage(Mathew 19:4-6), but he did not speak about same sex marriage so he’s at least neutral if not open to it. What Jesus doesn’t condemn, we shouldn’t condemn.

  4. I agree with same sex marriage because if you are marrying someone it should be because you love them and shouldn’t be based on what others think. If a person is not allowed to marry someone of the same gender then they are going to not be allowed to marry and I don’t believe God put people on this Earth to be rejected of the person they love. Marrying someone should be based on love and not just gender. God is a loving person that wants everyone else to have a chance at love whether it is with someone of the same gender or opposite gender

  5. I support same-sex marriage. I’m pretty open minded and don’t find it sinful, although it is in the bible (Corinthians 6:9-10). It states, “men who have sex with men will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” Now, times have changed and I believe it has become more acceptable in our society, with same-sex marriage being allowed in several states, but it is sad that there are still people who don’t agree with it and therefore give these individuals a hard time.
    If it is sinful…Are we sinners for accepting same sex marriage, when we ourselves are not involved? Is it a sin to love someone else?

  6. Yes this is most definitely a hot topic and a touchy subject. Although I respect any person regardless of their gender and sexual orientation; I do not agree with homosexuality. I don’t not agree with it because the Bible does call it a sin. According to Romans 1 as well as 1 Corinthians 6. I can see the challenge that different pastors or Christians have to make on the decision of marrying two people of the same sex or be punished with some sort of fine. Although I do view it as sin, I do not see it any worse then any other sin, such as lying, pride, or stealing. The Bible doesn’t make a list of what sin is worse or “greater” then the other. Again, I respect any person no matter their views on sexuality or on homosexuality.

  7. My opinion on same-sex marriage is that it should be legalized in any state and all of the countries because I feel that everyone should be happy and pursue whatever they believe in. I don’t believe that same-sex marriage is sinful because although it has stated in the Bible many times that a man should be married to a woman, I think that people should marry whoever they feel to spend the rest of there life with. If they don’t do so, I strongly believe that they will be unhappy for the rest of their life and that is very sad, because everyone deserves try love and happiness. This answers the next question, yes I agree that marrying someone you love is more important that the gender of the person. Although it is legal in all fifty states the couples still face challenges because everyone has their own opinion on same sex-marriage as well as it being frowned upon in most countries.

  8. I totally respect people who decided to have same sex marriage, but my personal opinion is when the Bible was written I think there wasn’t a thing as same sex marriage, so there is nothing specific in the Bible about it, but when the God created humans he created Adam and Eve, which a male and female, I think that is a hint about what the marriage should look like.

  9. I find Homosexuality to be a sin, but there are so many sins I comit that I don’t feel the legality of homosexuality should be illegal. I think it’s very hypocritical to dehumanize someone because of their sin when you sin too, since all sins are equal. The way I see it, who you choose to marry doesn’t effect me so my views shouldn’t affect you. In regards to the pastor, him refusing to marry someone should not be illegal, because if it was, the law would be violating his freedom to practice his religion.

  10. I believe that if you truly love somebody, regardless of their gender, then you should have the “right” to be with them. The idea of loving someone and not being able to marry them due to your genders is absurd. I also don’t believe that same-sex marriage means that you’re sinful, loving one another is anything but a sin.

  11. My disagreement with comparing homosexuality to other sins is that it implies there is a matter of choice in the behavior. Sins like lying or stealing involve free will, however I believe that homosexuality is a born trait which does not involve choice. So I don’t believe that it is comparable, nor does it break any of the commandments.

  12. I am not against homosexual’s at all, because people should do what they want. I do not necessarily support it in the case I don’t want my future children to be exposed to it. It goes against what I believe. Yes, all sins are equal. I also do not want my children to kill or steal. I do not want them thinking homosexuality is okay, because I believe it isn’t. I do think people should marry who they want and it’s their business. It is between them and God.

  13. I know that marrying same sex people could be the right that everyone has but I believe that it a sin. If it’s restricted on the bible I don’t understand why some churches support it, still, I do not have a problem with homosexual people going to church while knowing that they are being against the rules that God want us to follow. I grew up hearing that listening to music is a sin but I used to go to church and listen to music when I got back. I am not doing any less from what homosexual people are doing. Sin is Sin.

    1. Well, I don’t think Jesus meant that same sexes could be together. He meant that Jonathan’s love is stronger for him period.( 2 Samuel 1:26). I will not bash people for liking the same gender, but it’s something I don’t personally agree with.

  14. I want to comment but I don’t think i can fully answer a question. This is such a controversial and sensitive topic, I don’t even know where to begin. It does state many times in the bible that men were made for the opposite sex but it also states that God loves all his children. I agree with same sex marriage because the world is filled with many failing heterosexual marriages, many couples who agree to love the same sex majority of the times have a more success life and marriage over those in heterosexual relationships. On the religion side, I do not think that a priest should state their personal opinion instead dictate the facts that are in the bible. As an individual you can not and should not judge how other people live therefore I don’t believe that this action is a sin even though it does say that the action of physical activities is a sin. Although this is a serious topic many individuals are heavily influenced by others therefore can be influenced into an “experimental stage” or “phase” they go through in figuring out their sexuality, this i do believe is wrong because then this individual is doing it for the “hype” not because this is how they actually feel.

  15. I 100% support it, I think if people love each other then they should be able to get married. If you don’t believe in gay marriage… then don’t get married to the same sex… but it’s not right for you to not accept someone who wants to marry the same sex. It’s not your call.

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