If we make a comparison between Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love and confessions of Nat Turner, we will see a clear difference in the writing genre and similarity in the writing style. In my opinion, Julian is more a life writing and memoir than Nat Turner’s text.

In her book, Julian explains different memories in her lifetime and express her feeling about what she felt and told what she been through from her point of view. On the other hand, Nat Turner confessions are more as testimony than a confession.

Julian’s voice was so clear and heard in her book, but in Nat confessions, we hear Gary, the lawyer who investigated with Nat in prison, point of view more than Nat in a lot of the scenes.

However, the similarity of the use of religious emotions is noticeable in both texts. Both Julian and Nat saw a vision from God to do what they did. I think the claim that what they did was an order from the above position that gives their action the legitimacy that they want.