Julian of Norwich, Revelation of Divine Love, is considered as a life writing. When I read Julian’s book, I kept thinking of the reason for writing that kind of book. The answer that comes to my mind is that  Julian wrote that text to share her experience and make her voice to be heard. I think that kind of book that shows self-experience is soo popular among readers for several reasons. The first reason that I believe it is essential for readers to read life writing is the genre of the text. In this text, religion and believes are what all the Julian talk about, and because that subject is not shared with others regularly, that makes it so popular to discover by readers. Also, readers read that kind of book to experience a new feeling that they did not feel it before. The reason that made Julian wrote this text is what makes it stay for all that time; it’s a book that expresses her spiritual experience that other people did not experience before.

Julian, in her text, uses a lot of images and metaphors to deliver her spiritual emotional to readers. That use of these images and metaphors was well written that help her to present her thoughts in the right way. For example,  the image of the cloth in chapter 5 in the long text means that God covering us by his mercy and compassion, it’s a high image that represents all the meaning of what Julian wants to see about how God is so close to us and how he takes care of us.