From Smith and Watson’s Appendix B I choose the one on page 292 that asks to “imagine for a moment what kind of story you would tell about yourself in another ten years. write a set of notes about it. then at a later date, consider how in contrast with how you now see yourself” the story that I want to tell in another ten years is my story of achieving my bachelor’s degree. its six years of hard work, six years of sweet and sweat to achieve my goal. and the last scene in my story will be me and my son on graduation day, that both of us graduate to gather from the same university in the same year. I would like to tell my story in a short film to reach a large audience number. It will be an autobiographical film. A visual version of an autobiography gives reality to the film. Smith and Watson in the book Reading Autobiography illustrate that “cinematic self-narrative seems to guarantee the “truth” (181) and that is an important factor in a way to send a message to the audience.