For my final project, I chose to writhe about the slave narrative. I choose the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. I choose this narrative for different reasons. The first reason is this narrative so popular. I have been in the United States for more than five years, and I have read the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass for more than six-times. In the beginning, I did not see any important for that book, but every time I read it, I find something new about it. In classes like American Literature and the American Dream, that assigned Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass as a required text, I asked myself why instructors keep asking students to read this book? What makes this book stand until now? Why do people still read this book? The sconed reason is the mix between the slave narrative and the conversion narrative in Douglass’s narrative makes it unique. The last reason is that I think this narrative contains essential lessons, morals, and examples that readers can learn from. 

It was easy to find sources about Fredrick Douglas,s but the hard thing is to find a good source. I read a lot of sources about the topic until I choose the right ones. It took me more than a week searching in the library for good sources that I like. After this point, I started organizing my ideas and writing my paper. It was a rough time between ebb and flow, sometimes the ideas come smoothly and nicely, and other times, it stuck in no exit way. However, the class pair review was so helpful and efficient way to get useful feedback. Also, the other thing that a struggle with is the title of my paper. It’s hard to find an exciting title that illustrates your essay in short, inspiring words. I change my title a couple of times until I decide to leaf this part until the end of my paper to not distracting my writing.

As usual, the unhappy part for me in this project and other similar projects is the presentation. I really get nerves in presentations, and this class presentation will have some gust from the English department, and that makes me more nerves. I really like all the English department members, and Dr. Norton is my major advisor, and I took a class with Dr. Howe before. But I still feel nerves about the idea of presenting in front of a lot of people. The other thing I don’t like about the presentation is that I could not use any note in the slide that I can read like the usual presentations. Also, the slid transition was automatically, and that means I could not control my slid change; instead, the slides are timed automatically for 20 seconds, and the other slide is shown up.

In conclusion, I enjoy this class, and I enjoy the information that I learned from it. It was an opportunity to understand autobiography and learn about different types of narrative styles. It,s allow me to deep in one of my favorite book, which is the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass. 

Extra Credit

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On Nov 20, I attended the poetry reading for Earl Braggs. It was a fantastic event that I enjoyed it so much. Braggs is a creative writing and poetry and African literature professor at Vermont College. He is the author of a lot of poetry collection that he read some of them in the poetry reading event. In the reading poetry event, Braggs read some of his poems and answered the audience questions at the end of the event. Braggs describes himself as a political poet. That he expresses his feeling through his poems, a lot of his poems talks about a real-life situation that happened and affect people’s lives in some ways. For example, there is a poem about Malcolm X and a poem about the 9-11tragedic event. In my opinion, a lot of Braggs poems show self-understanding for the events that he talks about. This can be a type of poetic autobiography, as Smith and Watson explain in the book Reading Autobiography that poetic autography is a “mode of the lyric distinguished, according to James Olney, not by content but by “the formal device of recapitulation and recall” (276). And the thing that distinguishes poetic autobiography from regular lyric is the “use of memory,” and I think this is what Braggs meant when one audience asked him about the reason or the motive for his poetry, he answers that he wants to express himself and his feeling.In the end, there were some Braggs books for sale, and some students were interested in buying some book and having the author signature on it. It was a great experience to attend an event like this and hear from a poet like Earl Braggs.


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Nouf Alnajem



University student looking for an internship in a place where I can participate with my skills and experience.


Marymount University Arc— Volunteer

Fall 2017

Arees non-profit organization, Saudi Arabia — volunteer

2012- 2013

Stenwood Elementary School, Vienna- parent volunteer




Marymount University, Arlington — Bachelor of Art in English, minor in Art.

CUM GPA 3.00

August 2016- expected graduation May 2020


8181 Carnegie Hall Ct

Vienna, VA 22180

(850) 288-0531




Group work.

Adapting to a different environment.

Work with children.




English – Arabic

“Writing Internship to Summarize Non-Fiction Books – Remote Working” 

At the KI Book Club LLC. it is “a virtual internship in which we are seeking interns who would like to take notes and edit summaries on non-fiction books for us remotely and meet over video chat.”


“an intelligent hard-working student who majors in one of the following areas:

  • English
  • Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Literature
  • Publishing”

I think this internship could fit on me. The requirements that they ask applied to me and I like non-fiction books. it’s a year-round program internship so the time I planned to do my internship is not a problem, I planned to do my internship in spring 2020.

I love Julian

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i will write about Julian in this post.

Hello world!

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