Withdrawing from the University

Any graduate student contemplating discontinuing studies for more than one semester or leaving the university should consult with the academic advisor or program chair to understand the impact of an interruption of study upon the degree plan.

All Students – Before the last day to add classes, any newly admitted student who wishes to withdraw from the university or defer their admission, should notify via email the offices of Admissions (either undergraduate or graduate admissions) and the Registrar’s office. Any returning student, or newly admitted student after the last day to add classes, who wishes to withdraw from the university, must notify the Registrar’s Office electronically or in writing by submitting a Separation Form approved by their associate dean. The date the student notifies the Registrar’s Office of their intent to separate is the official date that determines the student’s financial responsibility to the university. Any tuition refund or credit will be calculated based on the withdrawal/separation date recorded by the Registrar’s Office. The last date to file a request for separation for enrolled students is the last day of classes as indicated by the Academic Calendar.

Students who stop attending courses without officially withdrawing from the course or separating from the university will receive an F.

[The above information is taken from the most recent undergraduate and graduate catalogs.]