Parking Violations and Appeals

Examples include parking in a fire-lane or other area marked, “No Parking”, parking other than in the lots authorized by the permit the vehicle is bearing, parking in two spaces, blocking the flow of traffic, reckless driving, and speeding.  Violations such as parking in a fire-lane or a “No Parking” area may result in towing or booting without advance notice.

To pay parking violations, please bring your violation to the cashier window. The cashier will take your payment and apply the payment to the correct account. The cashier will give you a receipt and send notice to the Parking and ID office to ensure that they are aware of your payment.

Appeals: Campus Safety officers cannot void tickets once they have been issued.  Appeals to void a ticket may be made in writing within seven (7) days after the issue date of the ticket at the ID and Parking Office.  Appeals submitted after the seven (7) day appeal window are late and may still be reviewed at the discretion of the Director of Campus and Residential Services or his/her designee. To make an online appeal, go to:

Appeals for parking violations are handled by the ID & Parking Office. Please call (703) 284-5760 or email