Student Parking Permits

Student Parking

Student Transportation & Parking Permits Parking Locations & Regulations

Because parking is limited, student are encouraged to use the Metro and free MU shuttles for commuting to and from campus.  Parking regulations may be obtained at the ID & Parking Office, the main security station at the entrance to our main campus, and at the main desks in the Gerard, Rowley, Butler, and Butler, and Ballston lobbies.

Resident Freshman and sophomores are not eligible to have a vehicle on campus; a student must have earned at least 60 academic credits to be allowed to park on campus. Underclassmen with pressing parking needs may apply for an exemption. Additionally, resident student parking passes only allow parking at the main campus.All commuter students are eligible for parking permits.

Parking Permit Process:

Before a student is able to submit payment for a parking permit he or she must register and receive a permit from the Parking and ID office in Ireton Hall. Please click on the button above for more information about this process. Once a student receives the parking permit from the Parking and ID Office, the student can then to go to the cashier’s office located in Rowley Hall next to the Registrar’s Office to make payment for parking permit.

To contact Student Accounts, please email or call us at 703-284-1490. Our hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. If you have not heard back from an inquiry within 2 business days, please contact Anatha Gorti at 703-284-1488.

To contact ID & Parking Office,  please email or call us at (703) 284-5700.  Our hours are Monday- Friday 9am – 5pm.  If you have not heard back from an inquiry within 2 business days, please contact 703-284-5700.