Student Medical Leave

A student who experiences an illness or medical emergency that causes absence from classes for an extended period of time should contact the Office of Student Development, which may issue an Emergency Notification to the student’s instructors. If a student’s condition is serious enough to prevent the student from completing the semester, advice regarding the student’s options should be sought from the Center for Teaching and Learning prior to withdrawing from courses.

A student who cannot continue enrollment may request a medical leave. A medical leave means that the student will be withdrawn from all courses in which the student is enrolled that semester and unregistered for courses for subsequent semesters. If the withdrawal occurs after the deadline to drop, the student receives a W on the transcript.

To receive a medical leave, a student must

  • submit a written request to the associate vice president for academic affairs (contact the Center for Teaching and Learning for instructions and forms);
  • submit typed documentation from a licensed clinician (not a family member) that attests to the medical necessity for withdrawal;
  • submit the request no later than 15 days after the last day of the semester to which the request applies; and
  • not have taken any final examinations.

A student who receives a medical leave must submit a letter of intent to resume studies prior to the start of the next semester. The university may require documentation that the illness or emergency has been resolved before allowing re-enrollment.