Student Government Association (SGA)

The Marymount University Student Government Association (MUSGA) is the chief student-run representative body that advocates for the needs and interests of the undergraduate student public, strives for the betterment of the student experience, and distributes the Student Activities Fee. The MUSGA consists of three branches, each with their own unique function: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.  MUSGA also cultivates a culture of civic engagement, both on and off campus. This includes signature programming grounded in the Marymount tradition of service including the annual Special Olympics Basketball Tournament, the 9/11 Day of Memorial, and Remembrance Day, as well as events to promote school spirit and pride, including SaintsFest and Saints Madness.

How to get involved:

Students have an opportunity to join MUSGA through the election processes in both the spring and fall semesters, or by appointment to Senate vacancies. In addition, MUSGA seeks student input on topics related to student advocacy on campus, through committee representation. Civic engagement is another key way to participate in the MUSGA process. Every year, students have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate to serve in MUSGA! Please email if you would like more information about ways to get involved!