Student Emails Expire After Graduation

Graduated student emails will not expire until September 30. As this date approaches, the students will receive several emails notifying them that the account expiration is coming. Emails will start two weeks before the expiration date and multiple are sent before the account is terminated.

Please consider using Mozilla Thunderbird  (at )  to move your emails from your old student account.

Go  See the link on the right hand side that says “Information for:’ and below that “Alumni”.  On the Alumni home page there is a link to create a lifetime email account.  Or you can go to this address:

Regarding the transfer from the student email to the alumni email account, the only aspects that are transferred are the emails themselves (e.g. inbox, folders). All other aspects of the Gmail account, including Contacts, Drive, etc. are not transferred and would need to be manually converted to the new account.

FAQ#: 550017: