Student Affairs Van Reservation

Student Affairs Van Reservation

The Division of Student Affairs has one 12-passenger van that can be reserved for faculty and staff student events. In order to use the Student Affairs Van, the driver must complete the certified van training through the university. This training is coordinated by Peggy Axelrod and is held once each semester.

  • All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and attend the University safety course on vans prior to driving the van, i.e. become Marymount “Van Certified”
  • Any faculty or staff member may reserve the van. Clubs must submit requests through MU Engage to reserve the van.
  • If the van is needed for extended, overnight trips, the Senior Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs must be notified and the Associate VP of Student Engagement may need to give approval.

Procedure for Reserving the Van:

  1. Send the Request to
  2. Requesters should fill out the form:

Key Sign Out:

  • Keys are to be signed out in the Student Affairs Office (GERARD 1028) located in the Gerard Lobby between 9am-5pm Monday – Friday.
  • The representative who pics up the keys will be given a check out and check in card. Please note the condition of the van prior to and after each use as well as the mileage.
  • Van keys are to be returned upon immediate return by 9:30am the next business day to the Student Affairs Office in Gerard Lobby. The checkout card must be returned with the key.

For more information please contact Student Affairs Office at (703)-284-1615