Shuttle Passenger Rights and Responsibilities

When riding as a passenger on any Marymount Shuttle, the passenger has the following rights and responsibilities:

Passenger Rights:

  • A clean and comfortable environment;
  • A safe passenger experience conducted by a well-trained, professional bus driver;
  • Know the name of your bus driver;
  • Accurate information about routes and schedules;
  • Be treated in a courteous and respectful manner by other passengers;
  • To have a guest who agrees to abide by these same rights and responsibilities;
  • Notify the bus driver of an issue on the bus;
  • File a report with Marymount University Transportation Services

Passenger Responsibilities:

  • Follow the instructions of the bus driver and/or designated university officials;
  • Be respectful of other passengers;
  • Refrain from the activities that may distract the driver or create an unsafe environment for other passengers;
  • Refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking while on the bus;
  • Be accountable for the actions of any guest you invite on the shuttle bus;
  • Follow the policies set forth in the Marymount University Community Conduct Code, Employee Handbook, and Faculty Handbook
  • Be aware of the activities taking place on the bus and report any violations of the community standards to the bus driver.

You may contact Marymount University Transportation Services contractor, ILS by dialing 202-388-6800, ext. 218.