OCRS Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get my MU ID card?
    • At the OCRS office located in Berg Hall
  • My card isn’t scanning, how can I fix my access?
    • You can bring your card to the OCRS Office where we can check/ correct your access. Or you can call/email with your ID numbers available and we can check for you.
  • I need access to the garage, what do I need to do?
    • Once you have purchased your decal, your garage access should become available. If it isn’t working, you can bring us your card for us to add access for you.
  • My ID is broken, can I get a replacement?
    • Yes, so long as you bring the broken card with you. We can print you a new one and $40 will be billed to your account.
  • Where can I fill out a housing application?
    • Through your Marymount Portal under Sign On Links
  • How can I find out how much it costs to live on campus?
    • You can search “Cost of Housing” on our main Website
  • When do I get to live in The Rixey?
    • When you are of Upperclassmen Status, as a Junior or Senior, or as a Grad Student.
  • Can I cancel my housing after I’ve signed my Housing License Agreement?
    • You can, but there are cancellation charges that are applied that are dependent on where you have signed an HLA for. Please refer to your specific HLA for the details or call/email our office.
  • I have a question about my Housing bill. Who do I need to talk to?
    • You can call the Housing Office at (703)-284-1608
  • Where do Freshmen live at Marymount?
    • Freshmen live on Main campus in either Rowley Hall or in one of 3  Living Learning Communities available in Ostapenko.
  • Where can I find hours for the on campus dining locations?
    • You can check at each location, as well as on the Dining Page on our website (Sodexo Dining Page)
  • Are flex dollars and dining dollars the same thing?
    • Yes they are
  • Where are the dining location?
    • On Main Campus, we have the Dining Hall in Gerard Hall, Bernie’s at the Lee Center, Lola’s in Curruthers Hall, and EAT Cafe at Ballston Campus.
  • If I am a commuter can I still get a meal plan?
    • Yes, we have various Commuter Meal Plans as well as any of the residential plans available to you
Residence Life
  • I’m having issues with my roommate, who can I talk to?
    • You should reach our to your CA (Community Assistant), where they will attempt 1-on-1 meetings, and then group mediation. If that does not work, other staff will work with you to help resolve the issue and find a solution.
  • I want to be a CA. How do I apply?
    • Our application process begins late in every Fall semester for the next academic year staff. You can contact our Office to be updated on the application dates, as well as keeping an eye out for information on upcoming interest meetings (usually in January)
  • I lost my key. What do I need to do?
    • You must go to your building desk and report the key missing. You will later be assigned a new key, at a cost for loosing the first one.
  • I need something fixed in my room. How do I submit a work ticket?
    • On your Student Portal, under Sign On Links, there is a link Called “Maintenance Requests. Fill our the form with an active cell phone number and as much detail, and Physical Plant will contact you as to when they can come via phone or email.
  • What are Living Learning Communities that I could be a part of when I live on campus?
    • We have 4 Living Learning Communities on Campus. Global Thinkers, so that you can live with International Students and experience different cultures. The Honors program, to live with other students also in the Honors Program. And the Criminal Justice Community where you can interact with upperclassmen also in the Criminal Justice Program and get acclimated to living and learning together. These 3 communities are housed in Ostapenko Hall and the 4th- the Freakonomics Discover course; for students participatin in the pre-fall semester travel to Quebec City- housed in Rowley Hall.
  •  Where can I find out about getting involved on campus?
    • The best place would be Student Affairs, located in Gerard Hall and via the Engage Calendar, also on your Portal
Summer Intern Housing 
  • I’m an intern & am interested in staying on campus housing during my internships. Where do I go to learn more information?
    • If you visit our website and search for ‘Summer Intern Housing’, you can find all the information, as well as the application itself.
  • Can I stay the entire summer as an intern?
    • Intern Stay is from May 26th to August 2nd
  • What does it cost to live at Marymount as a summer intern?
    • If your stay is longer that 4 weeks, the cost is $400/ week with a Meal Plan of $125 or $175/ week.
  • How am I billed for summer housing as an intern?
    • After paying the deposit, your full bill will be sent to you via PayPal