Employee Pay for Parking FAQs


Pay-for-Parking – FAQ’s

  1. Who do I contact if I have questions that aren’t answered in this document?
    1. Please contact Human Resources at 703/284-1680 or HRServices@marymount.edu.
  2. I currently have a parking hang tag. Am I required to purchase a hang tag for the new Academic year?
    1. If you want to park throughout the year on Main Campus, Ballston or 4040, you are required to purchase a hangtag. If you only anticipate taking advantage of the MU provided parking lots occasionally, daily parking passes are available for $5/day on Main Campus.
  3. I didn’t purchase a hang tag for the previous academic year. Can I purchase a hang tag for this academic year?
  4. Having purchased a hang tag for the previous academic year is not a prerequisite for purchasing a hang tag for the current academic year.
  5. I am an Adjunct. Do I need to purchase a new hang tag every semester that I work and want to park on Main Campus, Ballston or at 4040?    Yes, if you want to park on Main Campus or at 4040.
  6. Am I required to purchase the same level hang tag that I have now?
    1. Yes, unless you have or qualify for an AA (administrator) or a FF (faculty) tag, in which case, you can purchase a CC (staff) hang tag.
  7. Can I purchase a hang tag for less than a year? There are three situations that qualify and in each situation you will only pay a prorated fee based on when you actually purchase the hang tag:
    1. You are a new employee who is employed after the start of the current academic year.
    2. You decide after the start of the current academic year that you want to park on Main Campus, Ballston or at 4040.
    3. You are a faculty member on sabbatical for a portion of the academic year. You only pay for that portion of the academic year that you teach and park on campus. Also see Faculty on Sabbatical in the parking rules document.
  8. When can I purchase my parking hang tag?

August 10th is the first day hang tags will be available for purchase.

  1. Where can I purchase my hang tag?
    1. Main Campus:
      1. After August 30th, You can pick up your hang tag in the Human Resources Office in the Ireton Building on Main Campus; OR
    2. By mail:
      1. The online parking application.
      2. Once your form is received and reviewed by HR, you will be mailed a hang tag to your school or department main office via interoffice mail.
    3. What do I need to purchase a hang tag?
      1. You must register your vehicle(s) and sign a salary reduction agreement that authorizes MU to deduct from your paycheck both the bi-weekly cost of your hang tag and any parking fines that you incur (see Enforcement & Ticketing document for details).
    4. How much will my hang tag cost?
    5. If your annual salary is equal to or greater than $60,000 you will pay:

                                                    $475 year ($18.27 bi-weekly) for a reserved parking hang tag

                                                  $331/year ($12.73 bi-weekly) for a non-reserved parking hang tag

                                    $90/year ($3.46 bi-weekly) for a non-reserved parking hang tag for a part-time employee (works less than 30 hrs/week)

  1. If your annual salary is less than $60,000 you will pay:

                               $389/year ($14.96 bi-weekly) for a reserved parking hang tag

                               $245/year ($9.42 bi-weekly) for a non-reserved hang tag

                              $60/year ($2.31 bi-weekly) for a non-reserved parking hang tag for a part-time employee (works less than 30 hrs/week) & Interns                                (Counseling & Campus Ministry)

           $18/semester (one time deduction of $18) for a non-reserved parking hang tag for Assistant Athletic Coaches and a reserved parking hang                  tag for Adjunct Faculty

  1. What is a reserved parking space?
    1. A ‘Reserved’ parking space is a traditional MU designation for parking spaces only available to administrators and faculty with an “AA” or “FF” hang tag. NOTE: None of the ‘Reserved’ parking spaces are assigned to a specific individual. A ‘Reserved’ parking hang tag doesn’t guarantee you a ‘Reserved’ parking space. Only vehicles with an ‘AA’ or ‘FF’ hang tag may park in a ‘Reserved’ parking space.
  2. Can I pay for the hang tag with a check or credit card?
    1. You must pay for your hang tag through bi-weekly payroll deductions. By paying this way, you will purchase your hang tag with pre-tax dollars, effectively discounting the cost of your hang tag. (Note: Unfortunately federal regulations won’t permit us to offer employees who live on campus the ability to purchase their hang tag with pre-tax dollars.)
  3. Do carpools need to purchase a hang tag?
    1. Each carpool must purchase one hang tag which can be shared with the individual carpool drivers. Here are some things to consider:
      1. Carpools must have a minimum of 2 people.
      2. All cars that the ‘pool’ anticipates parking in MU provided parking lots must be registered. The cost of the hang tag will be split evenly among all members of the carpool. And each driver will be required to sign a salary reduction agreement for their portion of the cost of the parking hang tag. Note: For established carpools that aren’t adding members or cars and who want to register by mail, you must follow the instruction above (see questions 7 & 8)
  • On days when one or more of the carpool drivers must drive separately and park their own car(s) on campus, the carpool uses the shared hang tag and the other driver(s) must purchase a daily pass for $5.
  1. Participants in a carpool who currently hold parking hang tags with different parking assignments may choose to purchase the most advantageous parking hang tag for the ‘pool’.
  2. Please have a spokesperson for the ‘pool’ contact Human Resources (703/284-1680; HRServices@marymount.edu) if the pool members have questions.
  1. How does Campus Safety know I registered as a carpool participant?
    1. Main Campus security guards will be provided with the names of your carpool members and their vehicle registration information.
  2. As a registered carpool, where can I park?
    1. Main Campus – Lodge Parking Lot, Carpool Spaces
    2. Ostapenko Garage – Look for the Car and Van Pool signs mounted on the wall.
  3. I have a motorcycle. Do I need to purchase a parking hang tag for my motorcycle? (Definition of a motorcycle: a 2 or 3 wheeled motorized vehicle that is required to have a state license plate.)
    1. You will actually purchase a decal not a hang tag and the cost is ½ of the rate for a car. The cost of your decal is based on your current employee rank/parking assignment and salary.
  4. What if I want to register both a car and a motorcycle?
    1. You will pay full price for your car and you will receive a decal for your motorcycle at no additional cost.
  5. I live on campus as a condition of employment. Do I need to purchase a hang tag?
    1. No, you will be given one free non-transferable pass as a part of your employment with Marymount (Note: If you accept the free hang tag, the price of the hang tag is taxable under IRS regulations). If you have family members who also live with you on campus and they have cars, each of the cars will require an individual parking hang tag – no exceptions. Each of your family members will be eligible for a non-reserved hang tag and the cost of each hang tag is based upon your annual salary. You will be responsible for paying for each hang tag through a payroll deduction and like your hang tag the price is considered taxable income.
  6. Who is allowed to park in the Lodge Parking Lot?
    1. Non-resident students with a hang tag
    2. Registered carpools
    3. Faculty and administrators with a “FF” or “AA” hang tag can park in reserved parking spaces.
    4. Handicapped employees with both a state-issued hang tag/license plate and a MU hang tag
    5. Guests/Visitor
    6. Motorcycles
    7. Oversized vehicles
  7. Can my car or motorcycle be towed?

Yes, here are three examples. NOTE: If your car is towed, you are responsible for all towing expenses.

  1. Parking in a Marymount designated handicapped space without a state-issued handicapped hang tag/license plate.
  2. Parking in a designated fire lane
  1. What happens if I have unpaid fines and I leave Marymount?
    1. When you sign the salary reduction agreement, you authorize Payroll to deduct any unpaid fines from your final paycheck.
  2. Who do I notify that a visitor, contractor, etc. will need a parking space? You have 3 options.
    1. Call the Campus Safety Administrative Office at 703/284-1601, or
    2. E-mail parkingspace@marymount.edu, or
    3. Call Campus Safety at 1600
  3. I don’t have a hang tag but I need to park on the Main Campus occasionally. Where can I purchase a $5 daily pass?
  4. There are 3 parking kiosks: one at the entrance to the Lodge and one at each of the entrances to the old garage. These kiosks accept cash and credit cards.
  1. Can I park in a MU handicapped parking space using a family member’s handicapped hang tag/license plate if the handicapped family member is not with me?
  2. No, only the handicapped person to whom the state handicapped   hang tag or license plate was issued can park in a MU handicapped parking space.



  1. What are the parking violations for the current academic year?
    1. No current MU parking hang tag displayed or visible
    2. Vehicle parked in 2 parking spaces
    3. Vehicle not parked in a designated parking space
    4. Vehicle parked in an unauthorized parking lot
    5. Vehicle not authorized to park in a ‘reserved’ parking space
    6. Vehicle not authorized to park in a ‘handicapped’ parking space
    7. Vehicle parked in a fire lane
    8. Vehicle parked in a ‘no-parking’ zone (yellow or white curbs designated as a no parking zone)
    9. Vehicle blocking the flow of traffic
    10. Failure to obey a campus traffic sign
    11. Failure to obey Campus Security Officer’s traffic directions
    12. Abuse of visitor parking privileges
    13. Reckless driving on campus
    14. Boot removal fee
  2. If I get a ticket, how do I appeal the fine?*
    1. Upon receipt of a parking ticket, an employee has seven (7) days to appeal a parking violation (Appeal forms are available in the ID and Parking Office, Campus Safety – the Guard House on Main Campus). Appeals can be sent or hand carried to the ID and Parking Office during normal business hours or hand carried after business hours to the Guard House on Main Campus or the Security Desk at Ballston. When turning in the appeal form, please do not remove a copy for your records. Staple the parking ticket to the top left hand corner of the appeal. If the ticket has been lost, please make sure you accurately record your vehicle license plate and the state your car is registered in on the appeal form. Make sure your employee MU ID number is also recorded on the appeal form. If an appeal is not received by the ID and Parking Office within 7 business days from the date the ticket was written, the employee loses their right to appeal – no exceptions.
  3. How long do I have to pay a fine?*
    1. You have 21 calendar days from the date of your invoice from Student Accounts to pay your fine.

*See Pay-for-Parking Enforcement and Ticketing for more information.