Ballston Center Guide for Students, Faculty and Staff

Ballston Center 1000 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA      

                                                                   Hours of Operation: M-F 7am-11pm; Sat 8am-6pm; Sundays closed.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email me directly and every effort will be made to respond to your message within 48 hours.


The parking garage is located in the rear of the building off North Wakefield Street which can be accessed directly from Fairfax Drive or via 11th Street North from Glebe, and follow the road around to your left. The building has 3 levels of underground parking. Faculty and Staff Reserved parking is located on P1 level. Student parking is located on P2 level or in any non-reserved spaces on P1 level. The P3 level is strictly reserved for office tenants only who occupy floors 7-9 in the building. Marymount is not permitted to park on the P3 level.

The garage has three lanes. the middle lane is currently being used as a reversible lane to accommodate the flow of traffic. The parking attendant is manually managing the traffic flow for this lane.

A valid Marymount parking hangtag is required to park in the garage. The gate arms will be activated in the future. When the gate arm is activated, you will need your Marymount ID card to enter and exit the parking garage through a swipe system. Please contact the ID Card Office in Ireton Hall if you have any issues with card access. They can be contacted via email at or call 703-284-5700. The exit lane is to your right as you exit and be careful as it is a tight fit.

Both daytime and evening overflow parking is now available at the 901 North Glebe Road garage located in the Arlington Gateway building located across from the Ballston Center and has the Crafthouse Restaurant. The garage can be entered from the service road off North Fairfax Drive.  Cards with maps and directions to the overflow parking have been printed and given to the Ballston parking attendant to hand out. Both permanent and temporary signage has been ordered. Permanent signage will be added on the entrance walls to indicate parking policy. Additional temporary boards have been ordered that can be put out during peak times to direct vehicles to the overflow parking.

Additional meter parking is also available on North Glebe Road and North Fairfax DriveThe parking management company, Standard Parking has added additional staff during peak times to assist with checking the P1 and P2 levels for empty spaces and communicating back to the attendant at the garage entrance. This should assist with managing the available spaces. Also, once the gates are put in service, we will be able to obtain real-time counts that will further inform our procedures and smooth operations.

Upper class resident students with parking hangtags for the Blue and White Garages on Main Campus are not permitted to park in the Ballston garage. Shuttle service is available between Main Campus and the Ballston Center.

All special parking requests for department events must be coordinated with the conference center and sent to

No overnight parking is permitted without special approval.

A grace period for parking enforcement was given at the beginning of the semester. The grace period has now ended. Vehicles not displaying valid hangtags as well as those vehicles parked in reserved spaces without the appropriate hangtags will be ticketed and towed, if necessary.  We are reviewing the trade-offs of having grace periods going forward.

Shuttle Service

All shuttles run on a single route, and stop at the following locations:

  • Main Campus (in front of Gerard Hall, Main House and Butler Hall)
  • Ballston Center (at the shuttle stop on North Wakefield St.)
  • MU-Ballston Metro (at the intersection of North 9th St. and North Stuart St.—across from Dunkin’ Donuts)
  • 4040 Center (in the parking lot)

7 a.m. to 1:10 a.m.
A shuttle will depart each location every 15 minutes
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
7 a.m. – 1:10 a.m.
A shuttle will depart each location every 30 minutes

Shuttle Bus Departure Schedules* are available at or at the following locations:
•   Campus Safety (Main Campus & 4040 Center)
•   Student Affairs (Gerard Hall, Room 1028)
•   From your shuttle driver
*  Please note: Times listed are DEPARTURE times, not arrival times.

In addition to the regular route, buses have been added between Main Campus and the Ballston Center during peak Tuesday/Thursday class times. Transportation services is monitoring the ridership counts and making the necessary changes to reduce any overcrowding of the buses. We will review this data and make further adjustments after the fall term.

                                                         Ballston Elevators

  • To acccess Marymount University Floors 2-6 from the garage, take the garage elevator or the connection staris to the second floor.
  • From the second floor, take Elavators 1-4 from the main elevator lobby to access Floors 3-6
  • Sgnage will direct users to the apporpriate elevators
  • For those of you coming in from the shuttle. The shuttle drop-off area is behind the building on North Wakefirls Street, and you will enter the building at a side door located in the courtyard between the new residence building and Marymount University Ballston Center. As you proceed through the doors down the hallway, you will turn left at the end of the hall. Proceed down the next hallway past the glass doors on your right, you will then enter the elevator access area on your right just past the glass doors.
  • The building elevator ” destination dispatch” call-system has you select the floor you wish to proceed to and directs you to the apporpriate elevator.

                                                           Student Lounge
•   The student lounge is located on the 4th floor.  Coming off of the stairs, take the hallway to your left, at the end of the hall the lounge is on your right. The space includes a eating area with booth and counter seating, refrigerator, sink and microwave.

                                                             Faculty Lounge
•   The faculty lounge is located on the 6th floor.  Coming off of the stairs, it is directly down the immediate hallway on your right, at the end of the hall on your left-hand side.  The space includes a small eating area, refrigerator, sink and microwave.

                                                     Building Office Locations

First Floor
•   Starbucks
•   University cafeteria, eat
•   Campus Security station
•   Auditorium (also an entrance/exit on the second floor)

Second Floor
•   Chapel
•   Conference/meeting area
•   Gallery
•   Graduate Admissions
•   Auditorium (also an entrance/exit on the first floor)
•   Mother’s Room

Third Floor
•   Library
•   Classrooms

Fourth Floor
•   Classrooms including computer lab space
•   IT Help Desk
•   SBA Faculty Offices
•   Student Lounge

Fifth Floor
•   School of Business Administration (SBA) including Dean’s Office and faculty offices
•   Classrooms including Finance Lab
•   Adjunct Faculty Space

Sixth Floor
•   School of Education and Human Services (SEHS), Forensic & Legal Psychology faculty offices
•   Counseling Department
•   Classrooms
•   Faculty Lounge