Faculty Advisor and ISACA Academic Advocate

Dr. Diane Murphy
Phone: 703-284-5958
Email: Diane.Murphy@marymount.edu
ISACA Academic Advocate

Dr. Murphy began her career in the European pharmaceutical industry and was an early leader in chemical informatics, using technology to predict the biological and toxicological effects of chemicals. In the 1980s and 1990s, Dr. Murphy was a serial entrepreneur founding and operating two US companies (one in software development and one in corporate training), as well as a not-for-profit to help young entrepreneurs succeed in their initial technology business ventures. In 2002, Dr. Murphy joined Marymount University. Her research interests include data science, health care informatics, and cybersecurity, including privacy and security in the supply chain. She is active in the promotion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, including the award of CyberCorpsSFS scholarships at the University. One of her primary interests is the inclusion of women, minorities, and veterans in STEM careers, including cybersecurity.

ISACA GWDC Associate Director for Education

Dr. Natalia Ermicioi
Email: nermicio@marymount.edu

Dr. Natalia Ermicioi is an American-Moldovan educator with 10+ years ofbroad international expertise in training and non-formal education and formal education. She holds a combined BSc in Economics and International Affairs from Babes-Bolyai University (Romania); University of Verona (Italy) and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (China); an MSc in Political Science from Babes-Bolyai University (Romania); and a DSc in Cybersecurity from Marymount University (USA). Currently, Dr. Emicioi is serving as a Continuing Instructor in the department of IT, Data Science, and Cybersecurity at Marymount University Dr. Ermicioi considers that her diverse background and fluency in five languages have afforded her a well-rounded and diverse skillset and experiences around the world, which is an added value to such an interdisciplinary and multi-faced field as Cybersecurity. Dr. Erimicioi actively promotes the involvement of women in the cybersecurity field, emphasizing the need to covering the current workforce and gender gap in the industry.

Meet the ISACA Leadership Team

                              Soliana Hailemichael – President

                              Bryan Viera Gomez – Vice-President

                              Samantha King – Secretary

                              Ryan Pascual – Treasurer

Meet the ISACA Committees

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