Upcoming Events:

4/19/21 – 4/23/21 : “The Marymount University Cybersecurity Competition 2021”

The MU Cyber Competition will be held during the week of April 19-23, 2021. This is a joint project between the faculty, staff, doctoral students (MU’s Doctorate of Science in Cybersecurity), MU ISACA Student Group, and ACM-W Student Group. This is going to be a fun event for Undergrads who are fluent in IT/Cybersecurity (Advanced), those who might have taken a few classes or have some exposure to IT/Cybersecurity (Intermediate), or those who have absolutely no idea what IT and/or Cybersecurity is but are curious tofind out (Basic). This will be a team-based competition and participants will be assigned to a team based on their self-assessed skill level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced). Each skill level will be given multiple opportunities to   meet   with Cybersecurity Doctoral Students to prepare for the event.

Past Events:

3/24/21: “How to be an Effective Programmer”

6:00 PM EST – Zoom Meeting

Summary: On Wednesday, March 24th, we talked to our special guest, Dr. Pipop Nuangpookka. Dr. Pipop is the Chair of Information Management Science Program at BAU as well as a professor and Analyst/Programmer for Infrastructure Technologies at Marymount University. Among some of the topics we discussed were software development, development plans and strategies, programming ethics, and free lance programming projects. Dr. Pipop has been working as an Analyst/Programmer, Infrastructure Technologies, and Infrastructure Security for fifteen years. He has also been teaching in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology at several universities in the area of Washington D.C. for twelve years. The various courses he teaches include Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Programming Languages, Structure of Programming Languages (i.e., Java, Python, C++, C, ML and Prolog), Software Engineering, Data Structures & Algorithms, Database Management System (i.e., Oracle and SQL/PLSQL), and Web Application Development. During the event, Dr. Pipop introduced us to software development and techniques such as SDLC and the waterfall modal to explain one of the many ways a program can be built from the ground up. We also discussed case diagrams, which at its simplest is a representation of a user’s interaction with the system that shows the relationship between the user and the different use cases in which the user is involved. He also talked about programmer ethics and advised students to use technology responsibly and according to the law. Lastly, he also discussed ways to find freelance programming and development jobs as well as insights on how to chose the right projects to help sharpen our skills.

3/15/21: “Our Footprint and IT Surveillance”

5:00 PM EST – Zoom Meeting

Summary: On Wednesday, March 17th, we were given the opportunity to hold an event with the special participation of Stephen Boyce, who is currently a doctoral candidate for cybersecurity at Marymount. He has worked for the FBI and also for the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). He gave valuable information for students on the topics of his career in IT surveillance and IT footprint. He also provided students with information regarding the Pathways Program which offers federal internships and employment opportunities for current students and graduates. Mr. Boyce shared practical information from his own experience dealing with these subjects at the FBI. He defined these subjects thoroughly and explained how understanding them can make a difference to protect others and ourselves from cybercriminals and businesses like Google and Facebook who make revenues of off our personal information. During the presentation, he discussed the important role of professionals like him who fight cybercrime and protect personal information and gave a clear perspective on what this job entails.

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 966 9816 7533


3/10/21: “Suitable Careers in Information Technology”

6:00 PM EST – Zoom Meeting

Summary: On Wednesday, March 10th, Christopher Sokol and Fatoumata Sankare lead us in a discussion about finding the most suitable career within Information Technology that fits the best for each student as well as tips on how to prepare them when searching for internships and jobs. Mr. Sokol served as a Federal Employee for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He went through a presentation giving details on what is it like to work for the US Government while also giving tips and tricks for anyone who wants to get started in that area of work. Ms. Sankare worked for the FBI, but now she has transferred to being a private sector. She primarily talked to the students who want to start looking for jobs and internships. She gave advice about looking at certifications, working on resumes, and always keeping up to date with information.

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 931 2053 5588



3/3/21: “Let’s Talk About IT Entrepreneurship”

6:00 PM EST – Zoom Meeting

Summary: The Entrepreneurship Event on March 3rd, 2021, hosted by Simeon Enchev and Natalia Ermicioi with guest speaker Dean Jonathan Aberman provided insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Dean Aberman shortly discussed his background and family history, as well as the risks he has taken in order to become a good businessman. The event focused on the qualities of an entrepreneur, as well as the importance of building connections. Socializing and establishing relationships with people of all different backgrounds is useful for different circumstances.

Dean Aberman also talked about how to differentiate one business from another, and what to do in order to stand out. He also briefly talked about international students who want to start businesses in the U.S and the challenges that come with that. A smart business idea is only the start of your venture, as monetary struggles are one of the biggest reasons businesses fail. Looking into getting loans from investors is a good workaround for this. Looking into entrepreneurship courses at Marymount is also one of the best ways to learn more about the field of business.

After taking several different questions from students, the event came to an end.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2/25/21: “AI Aspects and Influences of AI in the Modern World”

6:00 PM EST – Zoom Meeting

Summary: On Thursday, February 25th, 2021 Dr. Natalia Ermicioi with talk about “AI Aspects and Influences of AI in the Modern World.” It will be a lab-type event with practical exercises with engaging content to learn about different aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

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11/18/20: Privacy 101 Workshop

6:00 to 7:30 PM EST – Zoom Meeting

Summary: On Wednesday, of 18th November 2020, ISACA and WISDOM club collaborated with Startpage on protecting user’s privacy. First, Sherly Pinto introduced ISACA club to the attendees, and then Sabrina Koumoin introduced WISDOM club to the attendees.

Alexandra K. introduced the audience to Startpage and hosted the remaining part of the event. She informed about the importance of privacy, mass surveillance, and data collection. She also elaborated on how the data is used for price tracking, ads, selling digital profile, and influencing your political affiliations. Lastly, we had breakout sessions led by the leadership team of ISACA, WISDOM, and Startpage. The discussion was based on the presentation, the audience’s opinions on privacy, and the possible solutions to privacy problems.

11/12/20 Cloud Computing Event

6:00 to 7:30 PM EST – Zoom Meeting

Summary: ISACA had the pleasure of speaking to Marymount professor Josh Edgar about the field of Cloud Computing. Professor Edgar went into great detail about what the true definition of Cloud Computing is, and how it relates to the real world. After giving a brief introduction of his rather impression background, Professor Edgar talked about the benefits of the cloud, mentioning its lower costs and greater security as the main points. Management and governance of the cloud was also a highly discussed topic, and lastly— career possibilities and future development were perhaps one of the most interesting bits.

10/28/20: Resume and Interview Workshop 

7:00 PM – Zoom Meeting

Summary: About 15 students attended the event. We identified the difference between CV and Resume. We stated the do’s and don’t’s of resume writing. We identified the mistakes in couple of sample resumes. We worked on how to make a cover letter presentable and what to include and what not to include in a cover letter. We provided the importance of having a LinkedIn profile and how we can create a “complete” LinkedIn profile for LinkedIn. We had a couple of mock interview questions, and had a general discussion on it.

10/14/20: (Re) Introducing ISACA Meeting / Joint ISACA – ACM-W Seminar

6:00 PM – 6:20 PM – About ISACA, ISACA GWDC & ISACA MU Students Chapter

6:20 PM – 6:30 PM – Member Appreciation

6:30 PM – 6:45 PM – Elections Announcements and Next Steps

6:45 PM – 7:30 PM – Seminar the “Dark Web” with Special Guest – Babur Kohy

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