About Us

Where can you get a healthy snack in a vending machine? This is why we created the #MUhealthysnacks vending machine. In a community where sugar-loaded snacks are everywhere, you look the idea of a healthy and tasty mix of fruits and healthy bars won’t even cross your mind. We are here to change the Idea of snacking. We want a more delicious, healthier, and full of nutrition options to be closer to you. The next time you want a snack or meal on the go, we want you to think of the #MUHealthySnacks vending machine.


Everybody Snacks

Everybody eats snacks. Whether you’re little kid who’s hungry between meals, a diabetic having a blood-sugar crisis, or someone just looking for a midnight fix. Everybody snacks, but some snacks are better for you than others. College students, in particular, tend to fall victim to bad snack habits.

Healthy Snacking machine

The purpose of this campaign is to get healthier snacks in the vending machines at Marymount. Healthy snack food you could find in a vending machine include fruit and nut bars, pressed fruit strips, and trail mix.

Photo is copyright Marco Verch



The #MUHealthysnacks vending machine is located at Marymount University. On the main campus and Ballston.

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