What to Look For in Healthy Snacks?

Whether you’re making one of these nutritious┬ásnack recipes or picking up a healthy snack from our vending machine, you’re going to want to double-check the nutritional content of the snacks.

This is what you need to look for:

  • Protein and Fiber:┬áProtein and fiber will ensure that you actually fill your snack and satiate your hunger until your next meal. There are several grams of both in the best snacks.
  • Whole Grains. Look for whole grains and complex carbohydrates that are more filling as well.
  • Pay attention to added sugars. Added sugars in the moment taste great. But it may cause a crash of sugar. Naturally occurring sugars are perfect, such as those in fruit and dairy products such as yogurt.
  • Maintain calorie count for your diet. Unless a snack actually substitutes a meal, make sure the calorie content is appropriate for your needs.
  • If possible, avoid highly processed foods and fast foods. Those tend to be high in calories and low in nutrients, which in our healthy snacks are not qualities that we want.

Tips to stick to healthy snacks:

  • Make a list of the week’s healthy snacks and plan them in advance.
  • Prepare your snacks the night before to make the mornings easier.
  • Place your healthy snacks on the front of the cupboard, refrigerator and snack drawer, so they’re the first items to catch your hungry eye.






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