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What is Digital Humanities?

That is the question! Fortunately, the Internet is a natural home for the digital humanities. Here is a list of good places to start.

Useful Websites

What Is Digital Humanities? – 

DH on Wikipedia –

DH questions and answers –

A Guide to Digital Humanities, from Northwestern University Library

Key Essays

“What Is Humanities Computing, and What Is It Not?” by John Unsworth

“Information Technology and the Troubled Humanities,” by Jerome McGann

“What Is Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments?” by Matthew Kirschenbaum

“The Productive Unease of 21st Century Digital Scholarship,” by Julia Flanders

“Digital Humanities is a Spectrum; or, We’re all Digital Humanists Now,” by Lincoln Mullen

“Who’s in and Who’s Out,” by Stephen Ramsay

“On Building,” by Stephen Ramsay

“The Digital Humanities Is Not about Building; It’s about Sharing,” by Mark Sample

Open Access Books

A Companion to Digital Humanities, Blackwell Publishing

Literary Studies in the Digital Age, Modern Language Association

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