Digital Humanities Tools and Resources

Get a broad overview of the tools and resources available to do digital research of all kinds with Project Bamboo’s DiRT: Digital Research Tools. “Bamboo DiRT is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. Developed by Project Bamboo, Bamboo DiRT makes it easy for digital humanists and others conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software.”

Want to find a tool to help you visualize data on your own? Try the tools organized on Visualizing Information for Advocacy, which “help[s] campaigners and activists around the world to use information, visual representation and digital technologies in their work.”


See what other scholars and researchers are doing with data visualization at Information Aesthetics.

IBM’s visualization tools at Many Eyes give you multiple ways of looking at your data–cluster maps, relational charts, word clouds, tables, and more.

Try the Voyant suite of visualization tools for textual analysis. Voyant (previously Voyeur) “is a web-based text analysis environment…designed to be user-friendly, flexible and powerful. Voyeur is part of the, a collaborative project to develop and theorize text analysis tools and text analysis rhetoric.”

Another great portal for textual analysis tools is TAPoR 2, out of the University of Alberta.



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