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  1. For my research paper I have chosen to analyze the current societal issues with technology and tie these issues to some of the texts and media that we have reviewed in class. The texts that I have chosen to use from class is going to be Warm Bodies and I will use outside sources such as the movie, The Divergent and Life of PI to contrast with the novel.

    The main analysis will be about individualism and the issues with current society dealing with truly living life instead of running on the “hamster wheel” of technology and human consumption. Gen Y has a severe problem of putting away their cell phones and actually conversing with other human beings and it has created a type of zombie apocalypse where people are truly just empty shells taking up space as they hide behind their technology.

    The movies selected promote free thought and individualism that can fight this epidemic. Warm Bodies has a lot of great insight into what it takes for an individualism to fight through their current situation in order to become a better version of themselves and to change the outcome of their existence.

    The combination of these references will provide a solid outlook on the problems of current society while offering a valid solution that can be applied by anyone at anytime. Often people do not even see that they are apart of the problem until they recognize that there is a problem existing. once they recognize they are apart of the problem, they can begin to fight for the solution.

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