Mary's Story

Pro Slavery Movement

Pro Slavery Movement 

Pro slavery can be described as anyone who supports the idea of slavery. This page will discuss some of the arguments of the pro slavery movement. 


  • Some argued that the trade was useful and needed for the wealth of Britain
  • There was a fear of other countries engaging in the trade if they did not
  • Some argued that Africa already had slavery 
  • There was also the idea of taking Africans from Africa would be beneficial for the slaves


These are just a few reasons one might support the idea of slavey in Britain during this time. It is to be noted that most of these arguments were not openly expressed until the anti-slavery movement began. 

The Pro Slavery movement relates to Mary Prince a West Indian slave because the text highlights the misfortune that slaves go through. Prince and Pringle had different audiences who read the text. Individuals who associated with pro slavery during this time period may have stubbled upon the text allowing them to possibly re think their view on slavery.